CWCheat Codes [JP]

Eiyuu Densetsu Gagharv Trilogy: Shiroki Majo - CWCheat Codes [JP]

The following are known CWCheat Codes for Eiyuu Densetsu Gagharv Trilogy: Shiroki Majo on Sony Playstation Portable (PSP).
_S ULJS-00004
_G Eiyuu Densetsu Gagharv Trilogy: Shiroki Majo [JP]
_C0 Chris Magic
_L 0x20337E78 0x0001FFFE
_C0 Goa Max
_L 0x20337E00 0x000F423F
_C0 Item All
_L 0x40A1FF30 0x00040001
_L 0x0A0A0A0A 0x00000000
_L 0x20A1FF40 0x010A0A0A
_L 0x20A1FF44 0x0A0A010A
_L 0x20A1FF48 0x0A010A0A
_L 0x40A1FF4C 0x00100001
_L 0x0A0A0A0A 0x00000000
_L 0x10A1FF8C 0x00000A0A
_L 0x00A1FF8F 0x0000000A
_L 0x00A1FFA1 0x0000000A
_L 0x10A1FFA2 0x00000A0A
_L 0x40A1FFA4 0x00050001
_L 0x0A0A0A0A 0x00000000
_C0 Jurio Magic
_L 0x00337E40 0x0000003E
_C0 Lure Magic
_L 0x20337F20 0x0007FFFE
_C0 Lv Up To Max
_L 0x20053414 0x00000000
_C0 Morisn Magic
_L 0x20337F58 0x0007FFFE
_C0 Mp No Use
_L 0x200129B4 0x00000000
_L 0x200129BC 0x00000000
_C0 One Battle Lv Up
_L 0x20016774 0x10000060
_C0 Phili Magic
_L 0x20338000 0x0001FFFE
_C0 Pia Max
_L 0x20337DFC 0x000F423F
_C0 Pow Gauge Max
_L 0x20012BAC 0x00000000
_C0 Stella Magic
_L 0x20338070 0x0007FFFE
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