CWCheat Codes [JP]

Mahjong Kakutou Club - CWCheat Codes [JP]

The following are known CWCheat Codes for Mahjong Kakutou Club on Sony Playstation Portable (PSP).
_S ULJM-05002
_G Mahjong Kakutou Club (Mahjong Fight Club) [JP] 
_C0 all green
_L 0x0028A8BE 0x00000028
_L 0x0028A8BF 0x00000028
_L 0x0028A8B0 0x00000028
_L 0x0028A8B1 0x0000002C
_L 0x0028A8B2 0x0000002C
_L 0x0028A8B3 0x0000002C
_L 0x0028A8B4 0x00000030
_L 0x0028A8B5 0x00000030
_L 0x0028A8B6 0x00000030
_L 0x0028A8B7 0x00000038
_L 0x0028A8B8 0x00000038
_L 0x0028A8B9 0x00000080
_L 0x0028A8BA 0x00000080
_C0 cyu-ren pooton
_L 0x0028A8BE 0x00000000
_L 0x0028A8BF 0x00000000
_L 0x0028A8C0 0x00000000
_L 0x0028A8C1 0x00000004
_L 0x0028A8C2 0x00000008
_L 0x0028A8C3 0x0000000C
_L 0x0028A8C4 0x00000012
_L 0x0028A8C5 0x00000015
_L 0x0028A8C6 0x00000018
_L 0x0028A8C7 0x0000001C
_L 0x0028A8C8 0x00000020
_L 0x0028A8C9 0x00000020
_L 0x0028A8CA 0x00000020
_C0 daisharin
_L 0x0028A8BE 0x0000004C
_L 0x0028A8BF 0x0000004C
_L 0x0028A8B0 0x00000050
_L 0x0028A8B1 0x00000050
_L 0x0028A8B2 0x00000054
_L 0x0028A8B3 0x00000054
_L 0x0028A8B4 0x00000058
_L 0x0028A8B5 0x00000058
_L 0x0028A8B6 0x0000005C
_L 0x0028A8B7 0x0000005C
_L 0x0028A8B8 0x00000060
_L 0x0028A8B9 0x00000060
_L 0x0028A8BA 0x00000064
_C0 daisongen
_L 0x0028A8BE 0x0000006C
_L 0x0028A8BF 0x0000006C
_L 0x0028A8B0 0x00000070
_L 0x0028A8B1 0x00000070
_L 0x0028A8B20x0000007C
_L 0x0028A8B3 0x0000007C
_L 0x0028A8B4 0x0000007C
_L 0x0028A8B5 0x00000080
_L 0x0028A8B6 0x00000080
_L 0x0028A8B7 0x00000080
_L 0x0028A8B8 0x00000084
_L 0x0028A8B9 0x00000084
_L 0x0028A8BA 0x00000084
_C0 Fight 9999
_L 0x1058508A 0x0000270F 
_C0 fight oubu
_L 0x00352334 0xFFFFFFFF
_C0 Gold 9999
_L 0x105853AC 0x0000270F
_C0 juntyan
_L 0x0028A8BE 0x00000000
_L 0x0028A8BF 0x00000004
_L 0x0028A8C0 0x00000008
_L 0x0028A8C1 0x00000024
_L 0x0028A8C2 0x00000028
_L 0x0028A8C3 0x0000002C
_L 0x0028A8C4 0x00000044
_L 0x0028A8C5 0x00000044
_L 0x0028A8C6 0x00000048
_L 0x0028A8C7 0x0000004C
_L 0x0028A8C8 0x00000050
_L 0x0028A8C9 0x00000068
_L 0x0028A8CA 0x00000068
_C0 kokushimuzou 13menmachi
_L 0x0028A8BE 0x00000000
_L 0x0028A8BF 0x00000020
_L 0x0028A8C0 0x00000024
_L 0x0028A8C1 0x00000047
_L 0x0028A8C2 0x00000049
_L 0x0028A8C3 0x00000068
_L 0x0028A8C4 0x0000006C
_L 0x0028A8C5 0x00000070
_L 0x0028A8C6 0x00000074
_L 0x0028A8C7 0x00000078
_L 0x0028A8C8 0x0000007C
_L 0x0028A8C9 0x00000080
_L 0x0028A8CA 0x00000084 
_C0 kouryu oubu
_L 0x003523B4 0xFFFFFFFF
_C0 ouryu oubu
_L 0x003523B4 0xFFFFFFFF 
_C0 syousushi
_L 0x0028A8BE 0x0000006C
_L 0x0028A8BF 0x0000006C
_L 0x0028A8B0 0x0000006C
_L 0x0028A8B1 0x00000070
_L 0x0028A8B2 0x00000070
_L 0x0028A8B3 0x00000070
_L 0x0028A8B4 0x00000074
_L 0x0028A8B5 0x00000074
_L 0x0028A8B6 0x00000074
_L 0x0028A8B7 0x00000078
_L 0x0028A8B8 0x00000078
_L 0x0028A8B9 0x0000007C
_L 0x0028A8BA 0x0000007C
_C0 tinitsu
_L 0x0028A8BE 0x00000048
_L 0x0028A8BF 0x00000048
_L 0x0028A8B0 0x0000004C
_L 0x0028A8B1 0x0000004C
_L 0x0028A8B2 0x00000050
_L 0x0028A8B3 0x00000050
_L 0x0028A8B4 0x00000054
_L 0x0028A8B5 0x00000054
_L 0x0028A8B6 0x00000058
_L 0x0028A8B7 0x00000058
_L 0x0028A8B8 0x0000005C
_L 0x0028A8B9 0x0000005C
_L 0x0028A8BA 0x00000060
_C0 tinroto
_L 0x0028A8BE 0x00000000
_L 0x0028A8BF 0x00000000
_L 0x0028A8B0 0x00000000
_L 0x0028A8B1 0x00000020
_L 0x0028A8B2 0x00000020
_L 0x0028A8B3 0x00000020
_L 0x0028A8B4 0x00000024
_L 0x0028A8B5 0x00000024
_L 0x0028A8B6 0x00000024
_L 0x0028A8B7 0x00000047
_L 0x0028A8B8 0x00000047
_L 0x0028A8B9 0x00000047
_L 0x0028A8BA 0x00000049
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