CWCheat Codes [AS]

Monster Hunter Freedom - CWCheat Codes [AS]

The following are known CWCheat Codes for Monster Hunter Freedom on Sony Playstation Portable (PSP).
_S ULAS-42060
_G Monster Hunter Freedom [AS]
_C0 [b] Bitterbug
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300C5
_C0 [b] Bughopper
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300C2
_C0 [b] Flashbug
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300C6
_C0 [b] Godbug
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300C4
_C0 [b] Insect Husk
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300C0
_C0 [b] Joiner Grasshopper
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300C9
_C0 [b] King Scarab
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300C8
_C0 [b] Rainbow Insect
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300CA
_C0 [b] Snakebee Larva
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300C3
_C0 [b] Thunderbug
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300C7
_C0 [b] Yambug
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300C1
_C0 [D] BBQ Ticket
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301E2
_C0 [D] BmboFlynMealPass
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301F1
_C0 [D] Chrome Voucher
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301EF
_C0 [D] Commendation
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301DB
_C0 [D] Dummy Item(No Use In Game)
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301ED
_C0 [D] Egg Ticket
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301D9
_C0 [D] Gold Ticket
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301E0
_C0 [D] Grt Sword Ticket
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301E5
_C0 [D] Guild Ticket
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301DE
_C0 [D] Gunner Ticket
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301E9
_C0 [D] Hammer Ticket
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301E6
_C0 [D] Heaven&EarthCrst
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301E4
_C0 [D] Hunter Citation
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301E3
_C0 [D] Jewel Ticket
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301DA
_C0 [D] Lance Ticket
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301E7
_C0 [D] latinum Ticket
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301E1
_C0 [D] Limited Paw Pass
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301EB
_C0 [D] Magazine Ticket
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301EC
_C0 [D] Old Ladys Note
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301DD
_C0 [D] Paw Pass Ticket
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301EA
_C0 [D] Pawprint Stamp
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301DC
_C0 [D] PineFlynMealPass
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301F0
_C0 [D] PlumFylnMealPass
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301F2
_C0 [D] Saber Ticket
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301E8
_C0 [D] Silver Ticket
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301DF
_C0 [D] ThunderG Voucher
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301EE
_C0 [D] VegElderTcktBrz
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301F5
_C0 [D] VegElderTcktGl
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301F7
_C0 [D] VegElderTcktSlv
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301F6
_C0 [D] VeggieElderTcket
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301F3
_C0 [D] VeggieElderTckt+
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301F4
_C0 [E] Alluring Hide
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630164
_C0 [E] Azr Rthls Webbng
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630154
_C0 [E] Azre Rthlos Scl+
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063014D
_C0 [E] Azre Rthls Plate
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063014E
_C0 [E] Azur Rthlos Wing
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630155
_C0 [E] Azure LaoS Claw
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301B0
_C0 [E] Azure LaoS Horn
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301B1
_C0 [E] Azure LaoS Plate
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301B3
_C0 [E] Azure LaoS Scale
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301B2
_C0 [E] Azure LaoS Shell
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301B4
_C0 [E] Azure LaoS Spine
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301B5
_C0 [E] Azure Rthlos Clw
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063014B
_C0 [E] Azure Rthlos Cpc
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630151
_C0 [E] Azure Rthlos Rby
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063014F
_C0 [E] Azure Rthlos Scl
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063014C
_C0 [E] Azure Rthlos Shl
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630150
_C0 [E] Azure Rthlos Tail
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630153
_C0 [E] Basarios Coin
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630165
_C0 [E] Basarios Shell
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630166
_C0 [E] Basarios Tears
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630169
_C0 [E] Basarios Wing
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630168
_C0 [E] Basrios Carapace
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630167
_C0 [E] Black Blos Shell
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630182
_C0 [E] Black Blos Spine
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630183
_C0 [E] Black Blos Tail
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630184
_C0 [E] Blk Gravios Cpc
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630174
_C0 [E] Blk Gravios Crst
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630172
_C0 [E] Blk Gravios Head
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630175
_C0 [E] Blk Gravios Shl
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630173
_C0 [E] Blk Gravios Wing
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630176
_C0 [E] Blos Fang
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630180
_C0 [E] Blos Jaw
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063017F
_C0 [E] Blue Kut-Ku Ear
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063010E
_C0 [E] Blue Kut-Ku Scl
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063010A
_C0 [E] Blue Kut-Ku Shl
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063010B
_C0 [E] Blue Kut-Ku Wing
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063010F
_C0 [E] BlueKutKuCarapace
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063010C
_C0 [E] Bullfango Head
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300E6
_C0 [E] Bullfango Pelt
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300E5
_C0 [E] Cephalos Coin
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630121
_C0 [E] Cephalos Fin
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630124
_C0 [E] Cephalos Fin+
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630125
_C0 [E] Cephalos Scale
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630122
_C0 [E] Cephalos Scale+
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630123
_C0 [E] Coral Cphlos Fin
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630127
_C0 [E] Coral Cphlos Scl
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630126
_C0 [E] Crimson Horn
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630195
_C0 [E] Diablos Carapace
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063017B
_C0 [E] Diablos hell
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063017A
_C0 [E] Diablos Spine
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063017C
_C0 [E] Diablos Tail
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063017E
_C0 [E] Fatalis Carapace
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301BD
_C0 [E] Fatalis Crust
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301BF
_C0 [E] Fatalis Devl Eye
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301CC
_C0 [E] Fatalis Evil Eye
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301C4
_C0 [E] Fatalis Eye
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301C2
_C0 [E] Fatalis Gore
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301B8
_C0 [E] Fatalis Horn
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301B6
_C0 [E] Fatalis Hvy Shl
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301BE
_C0 [E] Fatalis Scale
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301B9
_C0 [E] Fatalis Scale+
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301BA
_C0 [E] Fatalis Shell
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301BC
_C0 [E] Fatalis Shrp Eye
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301C3
_C0 [E] Fatalis Spike
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301B7
_C0 [E] Fatalis Strg Wng
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301C7
_C0 [E] Fatalis Webbing
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301C5
_C0 [E] Fatalis Wing
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301C6
_C0 [E] Fatlis Crmsn Hrn
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301C8
_C0 [E] Fatlis Crmsn Scl
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301C9
_C0 [E] Fatlis Crmsn Shl
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301CA
_C0 [E] Fatlis Crmsn Wng
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301CD
_C0 [E] Flabby Hide
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063015F
_C0 [E] Flute
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063017D
_C0 [E] Ft Crmsn B-Plate
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301CB
_C0 [E] Garuga Carapace
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301D5
_C0 [E] Garuga Ear
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301D0
_C0 [E] Garuga Mane
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301D4
_C0 [E] Garuga Plate
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301D3
_C0 [E] Garuga Scale
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301CE
_C0 [E] Garuga Shell
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301CF
_C0 [E] Garuga Wing
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301D2
_C0 [E] Gendrome Hide
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300F8
_C0 [E] Genprey Fang
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300F3
_C0 [E] Genprey Hide
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300F6
_C0 [E] Genprey Hide+
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300F7
_C0 [E] Genprey Scale
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300F4
_C0 [E] Genprey Scale+
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300F5
_C0 [E] Giant Beak
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630106
_C0 [E] Gld Rathian Clw
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630139
_C0 [E] Gld Rathian Ruby
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063013C
_C0 [E] Gld Rathian Scl
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063013A
_C0 [E] Gld Rathian Shl
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063013D
_C0 [E] Gld Rthian Plate
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063013B
_C0 [E] Gld Rthian Thorn
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063013E
_C0 [E] Gravios Carapace
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063016C
_C0 [E] Gravios Coin
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063016A
_C0 [E] Gravios Head
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630170
_C0 [E] Gravios Jaw
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630171
_C0 [E] Gravios Shell
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063016B
_C0 [E] Gravios Wing
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063016E
_C0 [E] GraviosHeavyShl
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063016D
_C0 [E] Great Stone
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301A6
_C0 [E] Grn Plesioth Fin
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630120
_C0 [E] Grn Plesioth Scl
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063011E
_C0 [E] GrnPlesiothFinPc
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063011F
_C0 [E] GrnPlesiothSclPc
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063011D
_C0 [E] Gt LobsterShell
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630193
_C0 [E] Gypceros Coin
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630110
_C0 [E] Gypceros Head
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630113
_C0 [E] Hornataur Head
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063018D
_C0 [E] Hornataur Wing
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063018E
_C0 [E] Hornet Bladefin
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063018F
_C0 [E] Hornet Carapace
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063018C
_C0 [E] Hornet Razorwing
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630190
_C0 [E] Hornetaur Shell
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063018B
_C0 [E] Hrd Fatalis Crst
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301C0
_C0 [E] Hvy Fatalis Crst
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301C1
_C0 [E] Iodrome Hide
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300FE
_C0 [E] Ioprey Fang
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300F9
_C0 [E] Ioprey Hide
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300FC
_C0 [E] Ioprey Hide+
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300FD
_C0 [E] Ioprey Scale
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300FA
_C0 [E] Ioprey Scale+
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300FB
_C0 [E] Kelbi Hide
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300E8
_C0 [E] Kelbi Horn
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300E7
_C0 [E] Khezu Coin
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063015E
_C0 [E] Khezu Hide - Tan
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630160
_C0 [E] Kirin Azr T-Tail
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301A3
_C0 [E] Kirin Azure Horn
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301A2
_C0 [E] Kirin Hide
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063019D
_C0 [E] Kirin Hide+
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063019E
_C0 [E] Kirin Mane
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301A0
_C0 [E] Kirin Thndr Tail
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301A1
_C0 [E] Kut-ku Carapace
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630102
_C0 [E] Kut-ku Coin
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300FF
_C0 [E] Kut-ku Ear
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630103
_C0 [E] Kut-ku Scale
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630100
_C0 [E] Kut-ku Shell
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630101
_C0 [E] Kut-Ku Webbing
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630108
_C0 [E] Kut-Ku Wing
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630109
_C0 [E] LaoS Heavy Shell
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301AF
_C0 [E] Lao-Shan Scale+
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301A8
_C0 [E] LaoShan Thoracic
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301AE
_C0 [E] Lao-ShanCarapace
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301AC
_C0 [E] Lao-Shans Horn
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301A6
_C0 [E] Lao-Shans Plate
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301A9
_C0 [E] Lao-Shans Ruby
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301AA
_C0 [E] Lao-Shans Scale
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301A7
_C0 [E] Lao-Shans Shell
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301AB
_C0 [E] Lao-Shans Spine
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301AD
_C0 [E] Lg Lobstershell
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630192
_C0 [E] Loa-Shans Claw
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301A5
_C0 [E] Long Garuga Ear
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301D6
_C0 [E] Long Kut-ku Ear
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630104
_C0 [E] Majestic Horn
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630178
_C0 [E] Monoblos Coin
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630194
_C0 [E] Monoblos Heart
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630198
_C0 [E] Monoblos Shell
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630196
_C0 [E] Monoblos Spine
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630197
_C0 [E] Mosswine Head
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300E4
_C0 [E] Mosswine Hide
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300E3
_C0 [E] Pale Bone
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630161
_C0 [E] Pale Khezu Steak
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630162
_C0 [E] Pale Lips
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630163
_C0 [E] Piscine Fang
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630115
_C0 [E] Piscine Jaw
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630117
_C0 [E] Piscine Liver
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630116
_C0 [E] Plesioth Coin
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630118
_C0 [E] Plesioth Fin
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063011B
_C0 [E] Plesioth Scale
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630119
_C0 [E] Plesioth Scale+
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063011A
_C0 [E] Plesioth Top Fin
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063011C
_C0 [E] Pnk Rathian Claw
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630131
_C0 [E] Pnk Rathian Cpc
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630137
_C0 [E] Pnk Rathian Rby
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630135
_C0 [E] Pnk Rathian Scl
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630132
_C0 [E] Pnk Rathian Scl+
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630133
_C0 [E] Pnk Rathian Shl
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630136
_C0 [E] Pnk Rthian Plate
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630134
_C0 [E] Pnk Rthian Thorn
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630138
_C0 [E] Pur Rubbery Hide
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630114
_C0 [E] Rathalos Carapace
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630146
_C0 [E] Rathalos Claw
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630140
_C0 [E] Rathalos Coin
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063013F
_C0 [E] Rathalos Plate
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630143
_C0 [E] Rathalos Ruby
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630144
_C0 [E] Rathalos Scale
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630141
_C0 [E] Rathalos Scale+
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630142
_C0 [E] Rathalos Shell
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630145
_C0 [E] Rathalos Tail
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630148
_C0 [E] Rathalos Webbing
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630149
_C0 [E] Rathalos Wing
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063014A
_C0 [E] Rathian Carapace
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063012F
_C0 [E] Rathian Claw
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630129
_C0 [E] Rathian Coin
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630128
_C0 [E] Rathian Plate
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063012C
_C0 [E] Rathian Ruby
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063012D
_C0 [E] Rathian Scale
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063012A
_C0 [E] Rathian Scale+
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063012B
_C0 [E] Rathian Shell
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063012E
_C0 [E] Rathian Spike
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630130
_C0 [E] Rthlos BrainStem
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630152
_C0 [E] Rubbery Hide
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630111
_C0 [E] Rubbery Hide+
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630112
_C0 [E] Sharpened Beak
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301D1
_C0 [E] Slv Rthls Webbng
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063015C
_C0 [E] Slvr Rthalos Clw
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630156
_C0 [E] Slvr Rthalos Rby
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630159
_C0 [E] Slvr Rthalos Scl
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630157
_C0 [E] Slvr Rthalos Shl
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063015A
_C0 [E] Slvr Rthals Tail
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063015B
_C0 [E] Slvr Rthlos Wing
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063015D
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630158
_C0 [E] Sm Lao-shan Claw
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301A4
_C0 [E] Sm Lobstershell
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630191
_C0 [E] SmlBlueKut-KuEar
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063010D
_C0 [E] Solid Blos Horn
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630179
_C0 [E] SpecialKirinHide
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063019F
_C0 [E] Splendid Beak
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630107
_C0 [E] StrngGraviosWing
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063016F
_C0 [E] StrongGarugaWing
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301D8
_C0 [E] Stylish Beak
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301D7
_C0 [E] Thck Fatalis Scl
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301BB
_C0 [E] Tiny Beak
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630105
_C0 [E] Twisted Horn
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630177
_C0 [E] TwstBlkBlosHrn
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630181
_C0 [E] Velocidrome Claw
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300EE
_C0 [E] Velocidrome Head
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300EF
_C0 [E] Velociprey Fang
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300E9
_C0 [E] Velociprey Hide
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300EC
_C0 [E] Velociprey Hide+
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300ED
_C0 [E] Velociprey Scale
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300EA
_C0 [E] Velociprey Scle+
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300EB
_C0 [E] Vespoid Abdomen
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630185
_C0 [E] Vespoid Bladefin
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630189
_C0 [E] Vespoid Carapace
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630187
_C0 [E] Vespoid Razorwing
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063018A
_C0 [E] Vespoid Shell
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630186
_C0 [E] Vespoid Wing
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630188
_C0 [E] Wht Monoblos Hrn
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630199
_C0 [E] Wht Monoblos Shl
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063019A
_C0 [E] Wht Monoblos Spn
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063019B
_C0 [E] Wht Velopry Hide
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300F2
_C0 [E] WhtVelopry Scale
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300F1
_C0 [E] WhtVeloprySclPc
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300F0
_C0 [E] Wyvern Claw
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300E2
_C0 [E] Wyvern Fang
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300E1
_C0 [E] Wyvern Marrow
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630147
_C0 [F] Bomb Arrowana
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300B8
_C0 [F] Bugnet Fish
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300BE
_C0 [F] Burst Arrowana
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300B7
_C0 [F] Cooler Fish
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300BF
_C0 [F] Goldenfish
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300B9
_C0 [F] Knife Mackerel
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300B1
_C0 [F] Pickaxe Fish
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300BD
_C0 [F] Pin Tuna
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300B4
_C0 [F] Rumblefish
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300B5
_C0 [F] Scatterfish
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300B6
_C0 [F] Sleepyfish
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300B3
_C0 [F] Small Goldenfish
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300BB
_C0 [F] Speartuna
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300BA
_C0 [F] Springnight Carp
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300BC
_C0 [F] Sushifish
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300B2
_C0 [i] Coma Sac
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300D1
_C0 [i] Electro Sac
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300D4
_C0 [i] Flame Sac
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300D2
_C0 [i] Inferno Sac
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300D3
_C0 [i] Paralysis Sac
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300CF
_C0 [i] Poison Sac
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300CC
_C0 [i] Screamer
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300CB
_C0 [i] Sleep Sac
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300D0
_C0 [i] Stun Sac
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300CE
_C0 [i] Thunder Sac
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300D5
_C0 [i] Toxin Sac
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300CD
_C0 [MB] Bone
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300E0
_C0 [MB] Hrd Monster Bone
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300DC
_C0 [MB] Lg Monster Bone
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300DA
_C0 [MB] Masters Skull
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300DF
_C0 [MB] Med Monster Bone
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300D9
_C0 [MB] Monster Bone+
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300DB
_C0 [MB] Mystery Bone
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300DD
_C0 [MB] Sm Monster Bone
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300D8
_C0 [MB] Unknown Skull
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300DE
_C0 [O] Antiseptic Stone
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300AE
_C0 [O] Carbalite Ore
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300A5
_C0 [O] Coal
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300AA
_C0 [O] Disk Stone
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300A0
_C0 [O] Dragonite Ore
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300A4
_C0 [O] Earth Crystal
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300A2
_C0 [O] Firecell Stone
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300A9
_C0 [O] Firestone
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300A8
_C0 [O] Great Stone
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300A6
_C0 [O] Ice Crystal
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300AF
_C0 [O] Iron Ore
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300A1
_C0 [O] Lightcrystal
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300AB
_C0 [O] Machalite Ore
_L 0x210542A 0x006300A3
_C0 [O] Novacrystal
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300AC
_C0 [O] Pure Crystal
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300AD
_C0 [O] Rainbow Ore
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300B0
_C0 [O] Stone
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063009F
_C0 [O] Union Ore
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300A7
_C0 [P] Antidote Herb
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630084
_C0 [P] Armor Seed
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630098
_C0 [P] Blue Mushroom
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063008F
_C0 [P] Bomberry
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063009C
_C0 [P] Cactus Flower
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063008A
_C0 [P] Chaos Mushroom
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630095
_C0 [P] Dobiscus
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063008D
_C0 [P] Dragon Seed
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630099
_C0 [P] Dragon Toadstool
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630093
_C0 [P] Felvine
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630089
_C0 [P] Fire Herb
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630085
_C0 [P] Green Seed
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063009E
_C0 [P] Herb
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630083
_C0 [P] Hot Pepper
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063008C
_C0 [P] Ivy
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630086
_C0 [P] King Cactus
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063008B
_C0 [P] Needleberry
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063009B
_C0 [P] Needleberry
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063009A
_C0 [P] Nitroshroom
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630090
_C0 [P] Paintberry
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630096
_C0 [P] Power Seed
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630097
_C0 [P] Red Seed
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063009D
_C0 [P] Sap plant
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630088
_C0 [P] Sleep Herb
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630087
_C0 [P] Special Mushroom
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063008E
_C0 [P] Spicy Mushroom
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630094
_C0 [P] Stunshroom
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630091
_C0 [P] Toadstool
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630092
_C0 [S] Ancient Stone
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301FF
_C0 [S] Ancient Stone 1
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301FF
_C0 [S] Ancient Stone 2
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630200
_C0 [S] Ancient Stone 3
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630201
_C0 [S] Ancient Stone 4
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630202
_C0 [S] Ancient Stone 5
_L 0x210542A8 0x00630203
_C0 [S] Chiefs Old Swrd
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301F9
_C0 [S] Lost Umbrella
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301F8
_C0 [S] Rusty Stone 1
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301FA
_C0 [S] Rusty Stone 2
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301FB
_C0 [S] Rusty Stone 3
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301FC
_C0 [S] Rusty Stone 4
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301FD
_C0 [S] Rusty Stone 5
_L 0x210542A8 0x006301FE
_C0 [X] Pale Extract
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300D7
_C0 [X] Power Extract
_L 0x210542A8 0x006300D6
_C0 E] Kirin Horn
_L 0x210542A8 0x0063019C
_C0 HP Full
_L 0x01058498 0x00000096
_L 0x0105849A 0x00000096
_L 0x00779152 0x00000096
_L 0x0077927A 0x00000096
_L 0x0077927C 0x00000096
_L 0x0077946A 0x00000006
_L 0x007794AB 0x00000006
_L 0x21053B5C 0x0098967F
_C0 Item List Location 1 99 Units
_L 0x007793EC 0x00000063
_C0 Item List Location 10 99 Units
_L 0x00779410 0x00000063
_C0 Item List Location 2 99 Units
_L 0x007793F0 0x00000063
_C0 Item List Location 3 99 Units
_L 0x007793F4 0x00000063
_C0 Item List Location 4 99 Units
_L 0x007793F8 0x00000063
_C0 Item List Location 5 99 Units
_L 0x007793FC 0x00000063
_C0 Item List Location 6 99 Units
_L 0x00779400 0x00000063
_C0 Item List Location 7 99 Units
_L 0x00779404 0x00000063
_C0 Item List Location 8 99 Units
_L 0x00779408 0x00000063
_C0 Item List Location 9 99 Units
_L 0x0077940C 0x00000063
_C0 Item List Locations 1-10 99 Units
_L 0x007793EC 0x00000063
_L 0x007793F0 0x00000063
_L 0x007793F4 0x00000063
_L 0x007793F8 0x00000063
_L 0x007793FC 0x00000063
_L 0x00779400 0x00000063
_L 0x00779404 0x00000063
_L 0x00779408 0x00000063
_L 0x0077940C 0x00000063
_L 0x00779410 0x00000063
_C0 Item List Locations 1-20 99
_L 0x007793EC 0x00000063
_L 0x007793F0 0x00000063
_L 0x007793F4 0x00000063
_L 0x007793F8 0x00000063
_L 0x007793FC 0x00000063
_L 0x00779400 0x00000063
_L 0x00779404 0x00000063
_L 0x00779408 0x00000063
_L 0x0077940C 0x00000063
_L 0x00779410 0x00000063
_L 0x00779414 0x00000063
_L 0x00779418 0x00000063
_L 0x0077941C 0x00000063
_L 0x00779424 0x00000063
_L 0x0077942C 0x00000063
_L 0x00779430 0x00000063
_L 0x1017A308 0x000005FF
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Code Indexes for Sony Playstation Portable Other Content for Monster Hunter Freedom