CWCheat Codes [EU]

MotorStorm Arctic Edge - CWCheat Codes [EU]

The following are known CWCheat Codes for MotorStorm Arctic Edge on Sony Playstation Portable (PSP).
_S UCES-01250
_G MotorStorm Arctic Edge [EU]
_C0 1 Lap Races
_L 0x002773CC 0x00000001
_C0 17040 Punkte
_L 0x20601A34 0x00004290
_L 0x2099A674 0x00004290
_L 0x20B4C7CC 0x00004290
_C0 AI Disabled (Requires stage restart)
_L 0x08804A1C 0x24040001
_C0 AI Plays for You (Can be activated in game)
_L 0x08804A1C 0x24040004
_C0 All Drivers Available
_L 0x08874F5C 0x24020001
_C0 Car Pimp Menu
_L 0x20000098 0x0A200184
_L 0x20000610 0x3C0808AA
_L 0x20000614 0x8D08EACC
_L 0x20000618 0x8D091A74
_L 0x2000061C 0x3C0A0894
_L 0x20000620 0x240B0001
_L 0x20000624 0x240C0002
_L 0x20000628 0x240D0003
_L 0x2000062C 0x3C0E3C04
_L 0x20000630 0x25CE3F00
_L 0x20000634 0x3C0F3C04
_L 0x20000638 0x25EF3F25
_L 0x2000063C 0x3C183C04
_L 0x20000640 0x27183F50
_L 0x20000644 0x152B0002
_L 0x2000064C 0xAD4EB448
_L 0x20000650 0x152C0002
_L 0x20000658 0xAD4FB448
_L 0x2000065C 0x152D0002
_L 0x20000664 0xAD58B448
_L 0x2000066C 0x3C0808AA
_L 0x20000670 0x8D08EACC
_L 0x20000674 0x8D091A74
_L 0x20000678 0x3C0A0894
_L 0x2000067C 0x240B0004
_L 0x20000680 0x240C0005
_L 0x20000684 0x240D0006
_L 0x20000688 0x3C0E3C04
_L 0x2000068C 0x25CE3F80
_L 0x20000690 0x3C0F3C04
_L 0x20000694 0x25EF3F90
_L 0x20000698 0x3C183C04
_L 0x2000069C 0x27183FB0
_L 0x200006A0 0x152B0002
_L 0x200006A8 0xAD4EB448
_L 0x200006AC 0x152C0002
_L 0x200006B4 0xAD4FB448
_L 0x200006B8 0x152D0002
_L 0x200006C0 0xAD58B448
_L 0x200006C8 0x3C0808AA
_L 0x200006CC 0x8D08EACC
_L 0x200006D0 0x8D091A74
_L 0x200006D4 0x3C0A0894
_L 0x200006D8 0x240B0007
_L 0x200006DC 0x240C0009
_L 0x200006E0 0x240D000A
_L 0x200006E4 0x3C0E3C04
_L 0x200006E8 0x25CE3FD0
_L 0x200006EC 0x3C0F3C04
_L 0x200006F0 0x25EF4000
_L 0x200006F4 0x3C183C04
_L 0x200006F8 0x27184050
_L 0x200006FC 0x152B0002
_L 0x20000704 0xAD4EB448
_L 0x20000708 0x152C0002
_L 0x20000710 0xAD4FB448
_L 0x20000714 0x152D0002
_L 0x2000071C 0xAD58B448
_L 0x20000724 0x3C0808AA
_L 0x20000728 0x8D08EACC
_L 0x2000072C 0x8D091B04
_L 0x20000730 0x3C0A0895
_L 0x20000734 0x240B0001
_L 0x20000738 0x240C0002
_L 0x2000073C 0x240D0003
_L 0x20000740 0x3C0E3C05
_L 0x20000748 0x25CE3F00
_L 0x2000074C 0x3C0F3C05
_L 0x20000750 0x25EF3F20
_L 0x20000754 0x3C183C05
_L 0x20000758 0x27183F40
_L 0x2000075C 0x152B0002
_L 0x20000764 0xAD4E0E28
_L 0x20000768 0x152C0002
_L 0x20000770 0xAD4F0E28
_L 0x20000774 0x152D0002
_L 0x2000077C 0xAD580E28
_L 0x20000784 0x3C0808AA
_L 0x20000788 0x8D08EACC
_L 0x2000078C 0x8D091B04
_L 0x20000790 0x3C0A0895
_L 0x20000794 0x240B0004
_L 0x20000798 0x240C0005
_L 0x2000079C 0x240D0007
_L 0x200007A0 0x3C0E3C05
_L 0x200007A8 0x25CE3F50
_L 0x200007AC 0x3C0F3C05
_L 0x200007B0 0x25EF3F60
_L 0x200007B4 0x3C183C05
_L 0x200007B8 0x27183F70
_L 0x200007BC 0x152B0002
_L 0x200007C4 0xAD4E0E28
_L 0x200007C8 0x152C0002
_L 0x200007D0 0xAD4F0E28
_L 0x200007D4 0x152D0002
_L 0x200007DC 0xAD580E28
_L 0x200007E4 0x3C0808AA
_L 0x200007E8 0x8D08EACC
_L 0x200007EC 0x8D091B04
_L 0x200007F0 0x3C0A0895
_L 0x200007F4 0x240B0008
_L 0x200007F8 0x240C0009
_L 0x200007FC 0x240D000A
_L 0x20000800 0x3C0E3C05
_L 0x20000808 0x25CE3F80
_L 0x2000080C 0x3C0F3C05
_L 0x20000810 0x25EF3F81
_L 0x20000818 0x3C183C05
_L 0x2000081C 0x27183F82
_L 0x20000820 0x152B0002
_L 0x20000828 0xAD4E0E28
_L 0x2000082C 0x152C0002
_L 0x20000834 0xAD4F0E28
_L 0x20000838 0x152D0002
_L 0x20000840 0xAD580E28
_L 0x20000844 0x03E00008
_L 0x2065E3E8 0x49484555
_L 0x2065E3EC 0x20454C43
_L 0x2065E3F0 0x455A4953
_L 0x2065E2A4 0x20524143
_L 0x2065E2A8 0x00444F4D
_L 0x2065E2B8 0x41524147
_L 0x1065E2BC 0x00004547
_L 0x2065E3CC 0x544B4A4D
_L 0x2065E3D0 0x47205327
_L 0x2065E3D4 0x47415241
_L 0x0065E3D8 0x00000045
_L 0x2065E230 0x49484555
_L 0x2065E234 0x20454C43
_L 0x2065E238 0x45455053
_L 0x0065E23C 0x00000044
_L 0x00000098 0x0A200184
_L 0x00000610 0xC0808A3
_L 0x00000614 0x3C0908AA
_L 0x00000618 0x8D2AECA0
_L 0x0000061C 0x340B8000
_L 0x00000620 0x3C0D27BD
_L 0x00000624 0x35ADFFB0
_L 0x00000628 0xAD0D0B28
_L 0x0000062C 0x154B0004
_L 0x00000630 0x00000000
_L 0x00000634 0x3C0E03E0
_L 0x00000638 0x35CE0008
_L 0x0000063C 0xAD0E0B28
_L 0x00000640 0x03E00008
_C0 Disable AI
_L 0x200BF9C0 0x24110000
_L 0x200BF9C8 0x24110000
_C0 Even Quicker Game
_L 0x08A9EAB8 0x3D48AB86
_C0 Hyper Mode
_L 0x08A9EAB8 0x3D88AB86
_C0 Infinite Turbo
_L 0x200EF318 0x0A200400
_L 0x20001000 0xAE00085C
_L 0x20001004 0x03E00008
_C0 Max Rank After 1 Race (All Vehicules unlocked)
_L 0x68A768DC 0x00000000
_L 0xB8A768DC 0x00000000
_L 0x20000014 0x00000001
_L 0x00000018 0x000F4240
_L 0xD2000000 0x00000000
_C0 No AI (Requires stage restart)
_L 0x088BF9C0 0x24110000
_L 0x088BF9C8 0x24110000
_C0 Normal AI  (Requires stage restart)
_L 0x08804A1C 0x8CC401A8
_C0 Normal Amount of Opponents
_L 0x088BF9C0 0x8E310000
_L 0x088BF9C8 0x8E310000
_C0 Normal Amount of Opponents
_L 0x200BF9C0 0x8E310000
_L 0x200BF9C8 0x8E310000
_C0 Normal Speed
_L 0x08A9EAB8 0x3D08AB86
_C0 Only 1 Opponent
_L 0x200BF9C0 0x24110001
_L 0x200BF9C8 0x24110001
_C0 Only 1 Opponent (Requires stage restart)
_L 0x088BF9C0 0x24110001
_L 0x088BF9C8 0x24110001
_C0 Only 5 Opponent
_L 0x200BF9C0 0x24110005
_L 0x200BF9C8 0x24110005
_C0 Only 5 Opponent (Requires stage restart)
_L 0x088BF9C0 0x24110005
_L 0x088BF9C8 0x24110005
_C0 Points >> 9999000
_L 0x00601A34 0x000F41DC
_C0 Quicker Game
_L 0x08A9EAB8 0x3D28AB86
_C0 Slow Motion
_L 0x08A9EAB8 0x3CC8AB86
_C0 Super Slow Motion
_L 0x08A9EAB8 0x3C88AB86
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