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Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf on SEGA Game Gear.

  1. Start With 1 Hellfire
    01E 03E C4A
  2. Start With 5 Hellfires
    05E 03E C4A
  3. Start With 9 Hellfires
    09E 03E C4A
  4. Start With 1 Hydras
    01E 08E 3BA
  5. Start With 56 Hydras
    56E 08E 3BA
  6. Start With 99 Hydras
    99E 0DE 3BA
  7. Start With 178 Guns
    01E 0DE A2E
  8. Start With 678 Guns
    06E 0DE A2E
  9. Start With 9,978 Guns
    99E 0DE A2E
  10. Start With 100 Fuel Load
    01E 12E 08B
    01E 1CE E6E
  11. Start With 5,500 Fuel Load
    55E 12E 08B
    55E 1CE E6E
  12. Start With 9,900 Fuel Load
    99E 12E 1CE
    99E 1CE E6E
  13. Start With 300 Armor
    03E 2BE F72
  14. Start With 600 Armor
    06E 2BE F72
  15. Start With 9,900 Armor
    99E 2BE F72
  16. Infinite Fuel
    002 E97 E6E
  17. Infinite Armor
    3A9 807 2A2
  18. Infinite Hydras
    005 B07 E6E
  19. Infinite Hellfires
    004 CF7 E6E
  20. Infinite Guns
    006 FC7 E6E

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