Game Genie Codes

Disney’s Aladdin – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Disney’s Aladdin on SEGA Game Gear.

  1. Start With 1/2 Jewel In Life Gauge
    012 9AD F72
  2. Start With 1/2 Maximum Jewels In Life Gauge
    032 9AD F72
  3. Don’t Take Damage From Most Hits
    3AE DDC 2A2
  4. No Blinking After Being Hit
    00F 46C 803
  5. Longer Blinking After Being Hit
    CCF 46C 803
  6. Infinite Blinking After Being Hit
    3A2 ACE 2A2
  7. Invisibility
    C92 01D 082
  8. Temporary Invisibility (When You Hit Something)
    002 0BD E6E
  9. Special Options Screen
    3EB 8DB 2A2
    01B 8EB F7A
    00B 8FB E6D

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