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Fatal Fury Special – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Fatal Fury Special on SEGA Game Gear.

  1. Faster Timer
    03C 38B E6E
  2. Infinite Time
    00C 38B E6E
  3. Start Rounds With 10 Seconds
    21C 75E 91D
    10C 71E 195
    04C 73C 3B8
  4. Start Rounds With 20 Seconds
    21C 75E 91D
    20C 71E 195
    04C 73C 3B8
  5. Start Rounds With 30 Seconds
    21C 75E 91D
    30C 71E 195
    04C 73C 3B8
  6. Start Rounds With 40 Seconds
    21C 75E 91D
    40C 71E 195
    04C 73C 3B8
  7. Start Rounds With 50 Seconds
    21C 75E 91D
    50C 71E 195
    04C 73C 3B8
  8. Both Players Start With 1/4 Energy
    12C 24E E6B
  9. Both Players Start With 1/2 Energy
    20C 24E E6B
  10. Both Players Start With 3/4 Energy
    2DC 24E E6B
  11. Only Take Damage From Some Projectile Special Moves
    118 109 E61
  12. Terry’s Throw Does Very Little Damage
    003 814 D5A
  13. Terry’s Throw Kills
    773 814 D5A
  14. Terry’s Standing Punch Doesn’t Do Damage
    005 59D F7A
  15. Terry’s Standing Punch Kills
    775 59D F7A
  16. Terry’s Standing Kick Doesn’t Do Damage
    005 61D C4A
  17. Terry’s Standing Kick Kills
    775 61D C4A
  18. Terry’s Crouching Kick Doesn’t Do Damage
    005 71D F72
  19. Terry’s Crouching Kick Kills
    775 71D F72

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