Game Genie Codes

Jurassic Park – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Jurassic Park on SEGA Game Gear.

    Arcade Stage Codes

  1. Start With 1 Energy Point
    01A 11B E66
  2. Start With 2 Energy Points
    02A 11B E66
  3. Start With 5 Energy Points
    05A 11B E66
  4. Start With 9 Energy Points
    09A 11B E66
  5. One Hit By An Enemy Is Fatal
    AF6 E68 19A
  6. Invincibility
    3A6 E78 2A2
  7. Action Stage Codes

  8. Start With 1 Life (1st Game Only)
    01E 2EB E66
  9. Start With 2 Lives (1st Game Only)
    02E 2EB E66
  10. Start With 5 Lives (1st Game Only)
    05E 2EB E66
  11. Start With 9 Lives (1st Game Only)
    09E 2EB E66
  12. Pteranodon Level Codes

  13. Hit Enemies 1x & They Run Away
    012 509 E62
  14. Hit Enemies 5x & They Run Away
    052 509 E62
  15. Hit Enemies 9x & They Run Away
    092 509 E62
  16. Start With 5 Lives On Continue
    05E 679 E66
  17. Start With 1 Life On Continue
    01E 679 E66
  18. Start With 9 Lives On Continue
    09E 679 E66
  19. Invincibility (Action Stage Only)
    C98 26D 19D
  20. Start First Game With 1 Life & 1 Continue
    01E 2EB E66
    01E 11B E66
  21. Start First Game With 5 Lives & 5 Continues
    05E 2EB E66
    05E 11B E66
  22. Start First Game With 9 Lives & 9 Continues
    09E 2EB E66
    09E 11B E66
  23. Infinite Lives
    3AC B49 2A2
  24. Infinite Continues
    00E 739 E69
  25. 1 Touch By an Enemy is Fatal
    AF8 22D A20

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