Game Genie Codes

Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Land of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse on SEGA Game Gear.

  1. Start With 3 Lives
    02F 31D E66
  2. Start With 5 Lives
    04F 31D E66
  3. Start With 7 Lives
    06F 31D E66
  4. Start With 9 Lives
    08F 31D E66
  5. Start With 11 Lives
    0AF 31D E66
  6. Infinite Lives
    009 FAD E6E
  7. Infinite Time
    002 4CE E6E

    Note: Switch this code off at the end of the level to continue.

  8. Infinite Energy
    00C 337 E69

Do you know any additional codes for this game? Is there an error listed above? Let us know about it and we’ll update the list.

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