Game Genie Codes

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on SEGA Game Gear.

  1. Power Rangers Start With 12 Energy
    7AE 12B 2A9
  2. Power Rangers Start With 34 Energy
    AFE 12B 2A9
  3. Power Rangers Start With 14 Energy
    45E 12B 2A9
  4. Only Throws Do Damage
    212 D5E 91D
  5. Grey Putty Is Harder to Kill
    25D D95 F7E
  6. Goldar is Easier to Kill
    10E 155 2A9
  7. Green Putty is Harder to Kill
    20E 245 C42
  8. Do Noy Get Any Energy From Defeating an Opponent
    3A3 AEA 2A2
  9. Get Max Energy From Defeating An Opponent
    3E3 A2A 082
    003 A4A C49
    FF3 A3A 916
  10. After Defeating Some Enemies You Fight Other Power Rangers
    3EE 9EB 193
    02E 9FB 6E6
  11. Always Fight on Park Stage
    3E9 E6A 082
    009 E7A E6A
    009 E8A C49
  12. Always Fight on Mountain Stage
    3E9 E6A 082
    019 E7A E6A
    009 E8A C49
  13. Always Fight on Alley Stage
    3E9 E6A 082
    029 E7A E6A
    009 E8A C49
  14. Always Fight on City Stage
    3E9 E6A 082
    039 E7A E6A
    009 E8A C49
  15. Always Fight on Construction Stage
    3E9 E6A 082
    039 E7A E6A
    009 E8A C49
  16. Always Fight on Refinery Stage
    3E9 E6A 082
    059 E7A E6A
    009 E8A C49

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