Game Genie Codes

NFL ’95 – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for NFL ’95 on SEGA Game Gear.

  1. Infinite Time Outs
    3A2 6DB 2A2
  2. No Time Outs
    00C DAF E66
  3. Start With 5 Time Outs
    05C DAF E66
  4. Start With 10 Time Outs
    10C DAF E66
  5. Only Have Enough Time For 1 Play After Kick Off In Each Quarter
    00C F4F F7E
  6. 2-Minute Quarters
    02C F4F F7E
  7. 60-Minute Quarters
    3CC F4F F7E
  8. Infinite Play Timer
    3A8 D7E 2A2
  9. Start With 10 Seconds On Play Clock After Most Plays
    0A0 79B 4CA
  10. Touchdowns Worth 0 Points
    006 B09 F72
  11. Touchdowns Worth 1 Point
    016 B09 F72
  12. Touchdowns Worth 3 Points
    036 B09 F72
  13. Touchdowns Worth 5 Points
    056 B09 F72
  14. Touchdowns Worth 9 Points
    096 B09 F72
  15. Extra Points Worth 0 Points
    000 6C9 3BA
  16. Always 4th And Goal After A Kickoff
    049 35E E6E
    509 30E C42

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