Game Genie Codes

Prince of Persia – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Prince of Persia on SEGA Game Gear.

  1. Infinite Time
    004 03B 19E
    Note: If the Prince disappears when using this code, turn all the codes off and he will return. After he comes back, you can resume using the codes.
  2. 45-Minute Game
    2D2 08F 19A
  3. 20-Minute Game
    142 08F 19A
  4. 10-Minute Game
    0A2 08F 19A
  5. Start With More Health Units
    081 38C E66
    Note: Select the Options screen, move the cursor down to health units, press 1 button 3 times for 6 health units, 4 times for 7 health units, 5 times for 8 health units. These do not appear until you start the game.
  6. Don’t Lose Health Units When You Drop Off Some Ledges
    001 E9E 3BE
    Note: You will still lose life, it just won’t go below 3.
  7. Start On Level 2
  8. Start On Level 3
  9. Start On Level 4
  10. Start On Level 5
  11. Start On Level 6
  12. Start On Level 7
  13. Start On Level 8
  14. Start On Level 9
  15. Start On Level 10
  16. Start On Level 11
  17. Start On Level 12
  18. Start On Level 13
  19. Walk All The Way To The Left To See Ending

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