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Quest for the Shaven Yak starring Ren & Stimpy – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Quest for the Shaven Yak starring Ren & Stimpy on SEGA Game Gear.

  1. Start With 1 Life
    013 4EE E66
  2. Start With 5 Lives
    053 4EE E66
  3. Start With 9 Lives
    093 4EE E66
  4. Start On A Strange Level
    001 D8F 5D4
  5. Infinite Lives
    001 B8E 3BE
  6. Infinite Energy
    00E ACB 3BE
  7. Stimpy Starts With Less Energy After 1st Life
    021 C0E F72
  8. Stimpy Starts With Half Energy After 1st Life
    031 C0E F72
  9. Invincible After First Hit
    00E E7C E6E
  10. You Still Get Hurt When You Flash
    01E ECB 803
  11. Flash Twice As Long After Getting Hit
    99E ECB 803
  12. Flash Longer After Getting Hit
    FFE ECB 803
  13. Flash A Lot Longer After Getting Hit
    00E ECB 803

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