Game Genie Codes

Samurai Shodown – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Samurai Shodown on SEGA Game Gear.

  1. Infinite Time
    00C B3D 3BE
  2. Start Round With 50 Seconds
    3EC 62D 80E
    32C 63D 193
  3. Start Round With 60 Seconds
    3EC 62D 80E
    3CC 63D 193
  4. Start Round With 75 Seconds
    3EC 62D 80E
    4BC 63D 193
  5. Both Players Start With 1/4 Energy
    14F 4BF E6B
  6. Both Players Start With 1/2 Energy
    22F 4BF E6B
  7. Both Players Start With 3/4 Energy
    30F 4BF E6B
  8. Infinite Energy
    01B F4D EB9
  9. Get Pow From Every Hit
    3EC 51D 191
    01C 53D 08A
  10. Once You Have Pow You Keep It
    007 CAD 3B2
  11. All Hits Do Massive Damage
    20B 4BC F77
    06B 4AC E68

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