Game Genie Codes

Greendog: The Beached Surfer Dude – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Greendog: The Beached Surfer Dude on SEGA Genesis.

  1. ATNT-AA4E
    Infinite lives
    Start with 6 lives
  3. A2PA-AADE
    Start with 7 lives
    Start with 10 lives
    Spikes do not hurt you
  6. AYNA-BE5Y
    Start on Ancient Aztec Crypts level
  7. A6NA-BE5Y
    Start on Mystique level
  8. BJNA-BE5Y
    Start on Curacao level
  9. BNNA-BE5Y
    Start on Underwater Crypts of Curacao level
  10. BYNA-BE5Y
    Start on Skateboard level 1
  11. B2NA-BE5Y
    Start on Jamaica level
  12. B6NA-BE5Y
    Start on Skateboard level 2
  13. CENA-BE5Y
    Start on Saba level
  14. CJNA-BE5Y
    Start on Crypts after Saba level
  15. CTNA-BE5Y
    Start on St. Vincent level
  16. CYNA-BE5Y
    Start on the final Skateboard level
  17. AACA-CAC4
    Cola does not restore energy
  18. AJCA-CAC4
    Cola restores less energy than normal
  19. DTCA-CAC4
    Cola restores more energy than normal
  20. GACA-CAC4
    Cola completely restores energy
  21. AD8A-AACL
    Fish do not hurt you
  22. AX8A-AACL
    Fish hurt more than normal
  23. CD8A-AACL
    Fish are devastating
  24. AC6A-AABG
    Birds do not hurt you
  25. BC6A-AABG
    Birds hurt more than normal
  26. CC6A-AABG
    Birds are devastating

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