Game Genie Codes

Kid Chameleon – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Kid Chameleon on SEGA Genesis.

  1. AFWT-AAB6
    Start the timer at 1:00 instead of 3:00
  2. AZWT-AAB6
    Start the timer at 5:00 instead of 3:00
  3. A7WT-AAB6
    Start the timer at 7:00 instead of 3:00
  4. BFWT-AAB6
    Start the timer at 9:00 instead of 3:00
  5. H49A-AA7J
    Infinite time
  6. SD9A-BJV0
    Each diamond worth 2
  7. SD9A-BTV0
    Each diamond worth 4
  8. SD9A-B2V0
    Each diamond worth 6
  9. SD9A-BAV0
    Each diamond worth 8
  10. AEBT-JAB4
    Start on Blue Lake Woods II
  11. AJBT-JAB4
    Start on Highwater Pass I
  12. ANBT-JAB4
    Start on Highwater Pass II
  13. ATBT-JAB4
    Start on Under Skull Mountain I
  14. AYBT-JAB4
    Start on Under Skull Mountain II
  15. A2BT-JAB4
    Start on Under Skull Mountain III
  16. A6BT-JAB4
    Start on Isle of the Lion Lord
  17. BABT-JAB4
    Start on Hills of the Warrior I
  18. BEBT-JAB4
    Start on Hills of the Warrior II
  19. BJBT-JAB4
    Start on Windy City
  20. BNBT-JAB4
    Start on Sinister Sewers
  21. BTBT-JAB4
    Start on The Crystal Crags I
  22. BYBT-JAB4
    Start on The Crystal Crags II
  23. B2BT-JAB4
    Start on Dragonspike
  24. B6BT-JAB4
    Start on Stormwalk Mountain
  25. CABT-JAB4
    Start on Shishkaboss
  26. CEBT-JAB4
    Start on The Whispering Woods I
  27. CJBT-JAB4
    Start on The Whispering Woods II
  28. CNBT-JAB4
    Start on Devil’s Marsh I
  29. CTBT-JAB4
    Start on Devil’s Marsh II
  30. CYBT-JAB4
    Start on Knight Isle
  31. C2BT-JAB4
    Start on Whale Grotto
  32. C6BT-JAB4
    Start on Hoverboard B – Each
  33. DABT-JAB4
    Start on Pyramids of Peril
  34. DEBT-JAB4
    Start on Madmaze Mountain
  35. DJBT-JAB4
    Start on The Deadly Skyscrapers
  36. DNBT-JAB4
    Start on Skydragon Castle I
  37. DTBT-JAB4
    Start on Skydragon Castle II
  38. DYBT-JAB4
    Start on Coral Blade Grotto
  39. D2BT-JAB4
    Start on Boomerang Bosses
  40. D6BT-JAB4
    Start on Woods of Despair I
  41. EABT-JAB4
    Start on Woods of Despair II
  42. EEBT-JAB4
    Start on Forced Entry
  43. EJBT-JAB4
    Start on The Cliffs of Illusion
  44. ENBT-JAB4
    Start on The Lion’s Den
  45. ETBT-JAB4
    Start on The Wind Castles I
  46. EYBT-JAB4
    Start on The Wind Castles II
  47. E2BT-JAB4
    Start on Blizzard Mountaon
  48. E6BT-JAB4
    Start on Caves of Ice
  49. FABT-JAB4
    Start on The Nightmare Peaks I
  50. FEBT-JAB4
    Start on The Nightmare Peaks II
  51. FJBT-JAB4
    Start on Bagel Brothers
  52. FNBT-JAB4
    Start on Diamond Edge
  53. FTBT-JAB4
    Start on The Hills Have Eyes
  54. FYBT-JAB4
    Start on The Secret of the Rocks
  55. F2BT-JAB4
    Start on Ice God’s Vengeance
  56. F6BT-JAB4
    Start on Beneath the Twisted Hills
  57. GABT-JAB4
    Start on Alien Isle
  58. GEBT-JAB4
    Start on The Land Below
  59. GJBT-JAB4
    Start on The Final Marathon
  60. GNBT-JAB4
    Start on Plethora
  61. GTBT-JAB4
    Start on The Pinnacle
  62. GYBT-JAB4
    Start on The Hidden Canyon
  63. G2BT-JAB4
    Start on The Caged Beasts
  64. G6BT-JAB4
    Start on The Crab Cove
  65. HABT-JAB4
    Start on The Crypt
  66. HEBT-JAB4
    Start on The Forbidden Tombs
  67. HJBT-JAB4
    Start on The Stairway to Oblivion
  68. HNBT-JAB4
    Start on The Valley of Life
  69. HTBT-JAB4
    Start on The Black Pit
  70. HYBT-JAB4
    Start on The Frosty Doom
  71. H2BT-JAB4
    Start on The Bloody Swamp
  72. H6BT-JAB4
    Start on The Scorpion Isle
  73. JABT-JAB4
    Start on The Towers of Blood
  74. JJBT-JAB4
    Start on The Alien Twilight
  75. JNBT-JAB4
    Start on The Tunnels Beneath the Woods
  76. JTBT-JAB4
    Start on Hills of Forever
  77. JYBT-JAB4
    Start on Monster Island
  78. J2BT-JAB4
    Start on The Shimmering Caves
  79. KABT-JAB4
    Start on The Sky Fortress
  80. KEBT-JAB4
    Start on Elsewhere
  81. AEDA-AAE2
    Start with 1 life
  82. A2DA-AAE2
    Start with 6 lives
  83. BEDA-AAE2
    Start with 9 lives
  84. B6DA-AAE2
    Start with 15 lives
  85. DEDA-AAE2
    Start with 25 lives
  86. GJDA-AAE2
    Start with 50 lives
  87. NNDA-AAE2
    Start with 99 lives
  88. A46A-AA32
    Infinite lives
  89. A45T-AA3Y
    Almost infinite hit points
  90. J99T-BA1C
    Each clock worth 8:00 instead of 3:00 up to the max time of 9:59
  91. J99T-BEIC
    Each clock worth 1:00 instead of 3:00
  92. BX5A-GA6T
    Diamond Powers such as Circle of Doom, Samurai Haze, Invulnerability, Circle of Death, Mini-Snake and Slashing Rain require no diamonds instead of 20. Also, Diamond Powers such as Death Snake, Extra Hit Point, Wall of Death, Extra Life, Swift Mini-Snake and Tracking Rain require only 30 diamonds instead of 50
  93. AL5T-AA6Y
    do not lose transformation when you lose all your hit points
  94. 9W6T-BCJ4 + AW6T-AAA6
    All helmets transform you into EyeClops
  95. 9W6T-BCJ4 + AG6T-AAA6
    All helmets transform you into Skycutter
  96. 9W6T-BCJ4 + AL6T-AAA6
    All helmets transform you into Cyclone
  97. 9W6T-BCJ4 + AR6T-AAA6
    All helmets transform you into Red Stealth
  98. 9W6T-BCJ4 + A06T-AAA6
    All helmets transform you into Juggernaut
  99. 9W6T-BCJ4 + A46T-AAA6
    All helmets transform you into Iron Knight
  100. 9W6T-BCJ4 + A86T-AAA6
    All helmets transform you into Berzerker
  101. 9W6T-BCJ4 + BC6T-AAA6
    All helmets transform you into Maniaxe
  102. 9W6T-BCJ4 + BG6T-AAA6
    All helmets transform you into Micromax
  103. 9W6T-BCJ4 + AC6T-AAA6
    Helmets do not transform you into anything
  104. AMKT-AA76
    Infinite continues

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