Game Genie Codes

Lethal Enforcers – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Lethal Enforcers on SEGA Genesis.

  1. AFTA-BA5L
    Start each level with a Magnum
  2. AKTA-BA5L
    Start each level with aShotgun
  3. APTA-BA5L
    Start each level with a Assault Rifle
  4. AVTA-BA5L
    Start each level with a Machine Gun
  5. AZTA-BA5L
    Start each level with Automatic
  6. A3TA-BA5L
    Start each level with a Grenade Gun
  7. AE9A-BA80
    Continue with a Magnum
  8. AJ9A-BA80
    Continue with a Shotgun
  9. AN9A-BA80
    Continue with a Assault Rifle
  10. AT9A-BA80
    Continue with a Machine Gun
  11. AY9A-BA80
    Continue with a Automatic
  12. A29A-BA80
    Continue with a Grenade Gun
  13. AKBT-AA54
    Keep your gun after getting shot on your 1st life only
  14. W3GT-ADJY
    Score 100% accuracy every time (Always get a double promotion)
  15. RGST-A6VG
    Do not go down in rank for shooting innocent bystanders
  16. GBCT-AA5J
    Infinite ammo
  17. ABBT-BA8T
    Infinite lives
  18. ABAT-BE46
    Infinite credits

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