Game Genie Codes

Madden NFL 96 – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Madden NFL 96 on SEGA Genesis.

  1. ROAV-861N
    Master Code – Must Be on
  2. ACZA-8AFA
    Infinite play clock time (2-Player Mode Only)
  3. CCNT-8AA0
    Start with 35 seconds on play clock
  4. ECNT-8AAG
    Start with 25 seconds on play clock
  5. ACRA-6AGR
    Team one starts with 0 time outs
  6. AGRA-6AGR
    Team one starts with 1 time out
  7. A0RA-6AGR
    Team one starts with 5 time outs
  8. BGRA-6AGR
    Team one starts with 9 time outs
  9. ACRA-6AGY
    Team two starts with 0 time outs
  10. AGRA-6AGY
    Team two starts with 1 time out
  11. A0RA-6AGY
    Team two starts with 5 time outs
  12. BGRA-6AGY
    Team two starts with 9 time outs
  13. RHGA-66ZE + RHGA-66ZG
    Infinite timeouts
  14. GD0A-7ATR
    Touchdowns are worth 0 points
  15. GD0A-7ETR
    Touchdowns are worth 1 point
  16. GD0A-7JTR
    Touchdowns are worth 2 points
  17. GD0A-7NTR
    Touchdowns are worth 3 points
  18. GD0A-7TTR
    Touchdowns are worth 4 points
  19. GD0A-7YTR
    Touchdowns are worth 5 points
  20. GD0A-76TR
    Touchdowns are worth 7 points
  21. GD0A-7AXG
    Safeties are worth 0 points
  22. GD0A-7EXG
    Safeties are worth 1 point
  23. GD0A-7NXG
    Safeties are worth 3 points
  24. GD0A-7TXG
    Safeties are worth 4 points
  25. GD0A-7YXG
    Safeties are worth 5 points
  26. GD0A-72XG
    Safeties are worth 6 points
  27. GD0A-76XG
    Safeties are worth 7 points

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