Game Genie Codes

Mazin Saga Mutant Fighter – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Mazin Saga Mutant Fighter on SEGA Genesis.

  1. AV8A-CA7Y
    Infinite chances
  2. AFFT-AAD6
    Start with 1 chance
  3. BKFT-AAD6
    Start with 10 chances
  4. NPFT-AAD6
    Start with 99 chances, ignore counter
  5. AJ9T-CA5Y
    Infinite continues
  6. ABFT-AAD0
    Start with 0 continues
  7. AFFT-AAD0
    Start with 1 continue
  8. BKFT-AAD0
    Start with 10 continues
  9. NPFT-AAD0
    Start with 99 continues, ignore counter
  10. Note: Life values above 100% may be displayed oddly.

  11. 3B1T-CAAJ
    Start with life at 200%
  12. W31T-CAAJ
    Start with life at 150%
  13. KP1T-CAAJ
    Start with life at 75%
  14. GK1T-CAAJ
    Start with life at 50%
  15. DF1T-CAAJ
    Start with life at 25%
  16. AAMA-CAG6
    Life Chakra worth 0% extra life
  17. BJMA-CAG6
    Life Chakra worth 10% extra life
  18. GJMA-CAG6
    Life Chakra worth 50% extra life
  19. NTMA-CAG6
    Life Chakra worth 100% extra life
  20. BV5T-CA32
    Special attack uses no life
  21. A35T-CA32
    Special attack is fatal if your life meter is low
  22. AJHT-AA7R
    Start on Round 1-2(level 2)
    Start on Round 1-3(level 3)
    Start on Round 1-Boss(level 4)
    Start on Round 2-1(level 5)
    Start on Round 2-2(level 6)
    Start on Round 2-3(level 7)
  28. SAHT-B2ZR
    Start on Round 2-Boss(level 8)
  29. SAHT-B6ZR
    Start on Round 3-1(level 9)
    Start on Round 3-2(level 10)
  31. SAHT-BJ02
    Play every 2nd level
  32. SAHT-BN02
    Play every 3rd level
  33. SAHT-BT02
    Play every 4th level
  34. SAHT-BY02
    Play every 5th level
  35. SAHT-B202
    Play every 6th level
  36. SAHT-B602
    Play every 7th level
  37. Note: Invincibility and invisibility codes may not properly if used together.

  38. AV6A-CA2G
    Some soldiers can’t hurt you
  39. AK6A-CA5E
    Other soldiers and mini-boss cannot hurt you
  40. AK2A-CA7C
    Invincible, except against superboss
  41. AB1T-CABC
    Not invincible when first put on screen
  42. AB8A-CAFA
    Not invincible after a knockdown
    No invincibility icon
    Invincibility icon lasts about 1/2x normal
  45. 0AMT-CJAE
    Invincibility icon lasts 2x about normal
  46. 1AMT-C0AE
    Invincibility icon lasts 5x about normal
    Invincibility icon lasts 10x about normal
  48. Z32A-CTFR
    You don’t flicker while invincible
  49. 732A-CTF0
    You’re invisible
  50. Z32A-CTFR + 732A-CTF0
    You’re invisible and flicker while invincible
  51. RHAT-C6ZG
    One hit kills mini-boss
  52. ACNA-CA88
    One hit kills superboss
  53. A4HA-CA2C
    Invincible against superboss

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