Game Genie Codes

Michael Jackson’s MoonWwalker – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker on SEGA Genesis.

  1. 95LA-BA82
    Magic costs 1/2x normal when walking
  2. 99LA-BA82
    Magic costs 1/4x normal when walking
  3. 95MT-BA7J
    Magic costs 1/2x normal when jumping
  4. 99MT-BA7J
    Magic costs 1/4x normal when jumping
  5. ADLA-BA82
    Magic doesn’t decrease when walking
  6. ADMT-BA7J
    Magic doesn’t decrease when jumping
  7. AFKA-BA8T
    Start with 2 lives
  8. AZKA-BA8T
    Start with 6 lives
  9. BFKA-BA8T
    Start with 10 lives
  10. AXST-AA8T
    Infinite lives
  11. JAEA-DA5C
    Each child found restores full power
  12. AAEA-DA5C
    Each child found does not restore any power
  13. BAEA-DA5C
    Each child found restores 1/2x normal power
  14. AKTT-AA34
    Advance directly to battle with boss!
    Almost invincible as Michael only and does not work if he’s a robot or on the last stage

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