Game Genie Codes

Might and Magic: Gates to Another World – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Might and Magic: Gates to Another World on SEGA Genesis.

  1. R18A-06WJ
    Master Code – Must Be On
  2. Note: For codes 2 – 10. the selling price for the item will also be nothing.

  3. AK8A-CA30
    Do not get charged for items you can afford
  4. AC7T-EAEA
    Dagger costs nothing instead of 8
  5. AC7T-EAF0
    Nunchakas costs nothing instead of 30
  6. AC7T-EAEN
    Hand axe costs nothing instead of 10
  7. AC7T-EAFE
    Long dagger costs nothing instead of 20
  8. AC7T-EAFT
    Short sword costs nothing instead of 15
  9. AC7T-EAEW
    Cudgel costs nothing instead of 15
  10. CK9T-CA64
    Sell items at their full value
  11. AB4A-DE86
    Many of the more expensive items cost nothing(leather suit, scale armor, ring mail, magic herbs, thief’s pick, staff +1, scythe +1, crossbow +10, etc.)
    Create characters with all stats at 25
  13. AMEA-CA8C
    Invincibility against many monsters

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