Game Genie Codes

Mutant League Hockey – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Mutant League Hockey on SEGA Genesis.

  1. ATDA-AA6T
    Master Code – Must Be On
  2. AK9A-AAFL
    1-pt. shots worth 2
  3. AP9A-AAFL
    1-pt. shots worth 3
  4. AV9A-AAFL
    1-pt. shots worth 4
  5. AZ9A-AAFL
    1-pt. shots worth 5
  6. A39A-AAFL
    1-pt. shots worth 6
  7. A79A-AAFL
    1-pt. shots worth 7
  8. BB9A-AAFL
    1-pt. shots worth 8
  9. P39A-BJ0Y
    2-pt. shots worth 3
  10. P39A-BN0Y
    2-pt. shots worth 4
  11. P39A-BT0Y
    2-pt. shots worth 5
  12. P39A-BY0Y
    2-pt. shots worth 6
  13. P39A-B20Y
    2-pt. shots worth 7
  14. P39A-B60Y
    2-pt. shots worth 8
  15. P39A-BA0Y
    2-pt. shots worth 9
  16. G79A-AAGT
    2-pointers scored very close to goal
  17. P39A-AAGT
    2-pointers scored halfway between blue line and goal
  18. YZ9A-AAGT
    2-pointers scored a little closer
  19. CV9A-ACGT
    2-pointers scored a little farther away than the blue line
  20. AJ5A-AA7C
    Start with final scores from last game played
  21. Note: For codes 21 – 27, pick 5-Min. Periods from the Main Menu.

    1-min. periods
    2-min. periods
    4-min. periods
  25. A5AT-CGGW
    6-min. periods
  26. A9AT-CGGW
    7-min. periods
    9-min. periods
  28. RFFA-A6V2
    Infinite Timeouts (The option will disappear, but you can still press B for a timeout.)

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