Game Genie Codes

NHLPA Hockey 93 – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for NHLPA Hockey 93 on SEGA Genesis.

  1. RH7T-R60E
    Master code, must be entered
  2. ZJNA-DTC2
    Period clock runs faster
  3. ZJNA-CJC2
    Period clock runs slower
  4. ZJNA-DTL2
    Period clock runs much faster
  5. ZJNA-CCC2
    Period clock runs much slower
  6. AANA-CAC2
    Period clock is frozen (There is no time limit.)
  7. Note: Use codes 7 – 14 only with the “10-Minute Period” option.

  8. HVWT-AAD0
    Each period lasts 1 minute instead of 10 minutes
  9. SBWT-AAD0
    Each period lasts 2 minutes
  10. 0VWT-AAD0
    Each period lasts 3 minutes
  11. 8BWT-AAD0
    Each period lasts 4 minutes
  12. TVWT-AGD0
    Each period lasts 15 minutes
  13. BBWT-ARD0
    Each period lasts 30 minutes
  14. NBWT-AWD0
    Each period lasts 40 minutes
  15. CBWT-A6D0
    Each period lasts 60 minutes
  16. AHXT-BJ5J
    All penalties last 1 minute
  17. AMXT-BJ5J
    All penalties last 2 minutes
  18. ASXT-BJ5J
    All penalties last 3 minutes
  19. AXXT-BJ5J
    All penalties last 4 minutes
  20. A1XT-BJ5J
    All penalties last 5 minutes
  21. A9XT-BJ5J
    All penalties last 7 minutes
  22. BHXT-BJ5J
    All penalties last 9 minutes
  23. AWEA-AA7Y
    Infinite timeouts instead of 1
  24. AKYT-AA3Y
    No timeouts

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