Game Genie Codes

Phantasy Star II – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Phantasy Star II on SEGA Genesis.

    Note: You cannot save the game when using Game Genie Codes when playing on a cartridge.

  1. ATBA-AA4R
    Master Code – May only necessary if you have a newer model Genesis.
  2. BXJA-AA26
    Everything is free
  3. RG8A-A60R
    Everything at the armor store is free
  4. RG9T-A60J
    Everything at the tool shop is free
  5. RG7T-A6V2
    Everything at the armorer’s store is free
  6. AL6T-AA50
    All medical care is free
  7. AL5T-AA76
    All clones are free
  8. AMFT-AA4G
    All teleporting is free
  9. CJZT-AA2N
    No hp taken off from physical strikes
  10. CJ0A-AA2Y
    No hp taken from venom strikes
  11. CV2T-AA5R
    No hp lost in damage zones
  12. BXCA-AA2L
    Do all peaceful magic regardless of TP (TP points are deducted)
  13. RGZA-A6XL
    Do all peaceful magic if you have enough TP (TP is not deducted)
  14. CTWT-AA3L
    Battle magic does not use up your TP
  15. AJOT-AA4W
    Players never get paralyzed
  16. REYA-A6TY
    All enemies die in one strike
    Your regular attacks are more powerful
    Your regular attacks are much more powerful
    All battle magic is 2x more powerful
  20. G2YA-AACJ
    All battle magic is 4x more powerful
    All battle magic is 1/2x as powerful
  22. L2YA-AECJ
    All battle magic is 1/4x as powerful

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