Game Genie Codes

Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure on SEGA Genesis.

  1. GJ5V-GAHN
    Start with 50 rocks
  2. DE5V-GAHN
    Start with 25 rocks
  3. AA5V-GAHN
    Start with 0 rocks
  4. GJ5V-GAHY
    Start with 50 bombs
  5. DE5V-GAHY
    Start with 25 bombs
  6. AA5V-GAHY
    Start with 0 bombs
  7. GJ5V-GAH6
    Start with 50 boomerangs
  8. DE5V-GAH6
    Start with 25 boomerangs
  9. AA5V-GAH6
    Start with 0 boomerangs
  10. AC3B-CAG8
    Infinite rocks
  11. AC3B-CAH2
    Infinite bombs
  12. AC3V-CADG
    Infinite boomerangs
  13. A07V-CAGL
    Each rock bag holds 5 rocks
    Don’t get boomerangs back when you catch them
    Almost infinite energy
  16. 97CV-CABL
    Flash longer after getting hit
    Don’t flash after getting hit
  18. AB0V-GABE
    1 hit and you’re invisible, switch off to become visible
  19. AB0V-GAA6
    Almost invincible
  20. Note: Codes 20 – 24 are for the hidden original Pitfall game.

    Start with a lot more time
  22. AWPV-GAG2
    Start with 5 lives
  23. PWPV-GAG2
    Start with mega lives
  24. ACPV-GWF2
    Start with mega points
    Do not lose points from barrels

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