Game Genie Codes

The Pirates of Dark Water – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for The Pirates of Dark Water on SEGA Genesis.

  1. 96HT-AEDW
    Start with 3 lives
  2. 96HT-AJDW
    Start with 6 lives
  3. 96HT-ATDW
    Start with 9 lives
  4. AWJA-AA9C
    Infinite lives
    Don’t lose any health from falling off screen
  6. A4JA-AADC
    Take 1/2x damage from falling off screen
  7. P57T-AA2J
    Don’t take any damage from most enemies
  8. ACET-B688
    Infinite projectiles(daggers, arrows)
  9. ACET-B65Y + AC6A-K686
    Infinite food on pick-up
  10. ACEA-B63L
    Infinite gravity potions on pick-up
  11. ACEA-B66C
    Infinite stone elixirs on pick-up
  12. ACEA-B68N
    Infinite shield magic on pick-up
  13. ACET-B62T
    Infinite vortex magic on pick-up
  14. ACET-B68E + AC6A-K686
    Infinite hearts on pick-up
  15. AAYT-D636
    Infinite keys on pick-up
  16. RHFT-J6VC
    Infinite coins on pick-up
    Use password IITBDIA and Ren starts with full sword

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