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Breath of Fire II - Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Breath of Fire II on Super Nintendo (SNES).
  1. 46DA-87D4
    Main character is different
  2. 45DA-87D4
    Main character is different
  3. FDDA-87D4
    Main character is different
  4. F4DA-87D4
    Main character is different
  5. F0DA-87D4
    Main character is different
  6. 74DA-8F64
    Start with 50 HP
  7. 10DA-8F64
    Start with 100 HP
  8. B1DA-8F64
    Start with 150 HP
  9. ECDA-8F64
    Start with 250 HP
  10. DFDA-8FA4 + E0DA-8F64
    Start with 500 HP
  11. D4DA-8FA4 + 33DA-8F64
    Start with 750 HP
  12. FEDA-8FA4
    Start with a lot of HP
  13. 74DA-8464
    Start with 50 AP
  14. 10DA-8464
    Start with 100 AP
  15. B1DA-8464
    Start with 150 AP
  16. ECDA-8464
    Start with 250 AP
  17. DFDA-84A4 + E0DA-8464
    Start with 500 AP
  18. D4DA-84A4 + 33DA-8464
    Start with 750 AP
  19. FEDA-84A4
    Start with a lot of AP
  20. DDDA-8704
    Start with 0 strength
  21. EEDA-8704
    Start with mega strength
  22. DDDA-8764
    Start with 0 stamina
  23. EEDA-8764
    Start with mega stamina
  24. DDDA-87A4
    Start with 0 agility
  25. EEDA-87A4
    Start with mega agility
  26. DDD3-84D4
    Start with 0 wisdom
  27. EED3-84D4
    Start with mega wisdom
  28. DDD3-8404
    Start with 0 luck
  29. EED3-8404
    Start with mega luck
  30. EED3-87D4
    Start with mega experience points
  31. C9FA-EFA6
    Infinite HP in battle scenes


These codes have been collected from around the web and all credit goes to the original poster of the code. Notes associated with any code may be written by the original code creator. Some notes have been added or modified from their original source.

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