Retro Achievements

Congo’s Caper (SNES) – List of Retro Achievements

Wait a minute… achievements? I don’t remember achievements for this game. That is because there were not any, but there are now! See Below

Clear Area 1
Ninja Castle
Clear Area 2
Tide is on My Side
Clear Area 3
Rumble in the Jungle
Clear Area 4
Haunted Hills
Clear Area 5
Congo the Conqueror
Clear Area 6 and Save Congette
The Chase Is On
Defeat the T-Rex in Area 1 Without Taking Damage
Defeat the Demon Kid in Area 1 Without Taking Damage
Ninja Downfall
Defeat the Ninja in Area 2 Without Taking Damage
Cpt. Skull
Defeat Cpt. Skull in Area 3 Without Taking Damage
Caveman Wily
Defeat the Caveman in Area 4 Without Taking Damage
Hopeless Vampire
Defeat the Vampire in Area 5 Without Taking Damage
Demon Prince
Defeat the Demon Prince in Area 6 Without Taking Damage
Demon King
Defeat the Demon King in Area 6 Without Taking Damage is a community who collaborates and competes with one another to earn custom-made achievements in classic games through emulation. Achievements are made by and for the community. New achievements for the wide variety of games as well as new games are added regularly. Not already participating but eager to? Sign Up Here!

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