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Dream TV - Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Dream TV on Super Nintendo (SNES).
  1. Almost Infinite Energy
    8FA6 3DA8
    8FAA 3FA8
  2. Infinite Lives
  3. Start With 5 Lives
    D9B8 1F04
  4. Start With 1 Life
    DFB8 1F04
  5. Start With 8 Lives
    D6B8 1F04
  6. Monsters Take Only 1 Hit To Kill (Except Skeletons)
    8F23 3768
  7. Mega-Jump (Switch Off To Land Again)
    8F84 17D8
  8. Can’t Get Hit (Some Characters Are White)
    DDC7 1DD8
  9. Start With 2/3 Energy (1st Life)
    4DBD CF04
  10. Start With 2/3 Energy (After 1st Life)
    4DCE CD0C
  11. Start With 1st Life Has 1/3 Energy (1st Life)
    FDBD CF04
  12. Start With 1/3 Energy (After 1st Life)
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