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F1 ROC: Race of Champions

The following are known Game Genie Codes for F1 ROC: Race of Champions on Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

  1. BA26-A44F
    Start Player With No Money Instead of $500
  2. 3C26-AF4F + CB26-AF1F + D426-AF3F
    Start Player With $5,240
  3. 3C26-AF4F + CB26-AF1F + D626-AF3F
    Start Player With $20,600
  4. 3C26-AF4F + CB26-AF1F + 0D26-AF3F
    Start Player With $163,960
  5. 3C26-AF4F + CB26-AF1F + 6D26-AF3F
    Start Player With $327,800
  6. 3C26-AF4F + CB26-AF1F + EE26-AF3F
    Start Player With $652,920
  7. C9A8-07DD
    No Damage When Hitting Walls
  8. C922-0FDD
    No Damage When Hitting Other Cars
  9. DDEE-6F21
    Normal Tires Are Free
  10. DDEE-6491
    Hi-Grip Tires Are Free
  11. DDEE-6F91
    Rain Tires Are Free
  12. DDED-A491
    2L Nitro is Free
  13. DDED-A421
    3L Nitro is Free
  14. DDED-A791
    4L Nitro is Free
  15. DDEE-6721 + DDED-ADF1
    Ford V-8 Engine is Free
  16. DDED-AD91 + DDED-ADB1
    Ilmoa V-8 Engine is Free
  17. DDED-AD21 + DDED-AFF1
    Remart V-10 Engine is Free
  18. DDE3-6791
    Low DF Rear Wing is Free
  19. DDEE-6D91 + DDEE-6DB1
    High DF Rear Wing is Free
  20. DDE3-6D21
    Low DF Front Wing is Free
  21. DDE3-6F21 + DDE3-64F1
    High DF Front Wing is Free
  22. DDE3-6491 + DDE3-64B1
    Special-L Front Wing is Free
  23. DDE2-6421
    Small Diffuser is Free
  24. DDE2-6721
    Large Diffuser is Free
  25. DDE3-6D91 + DDE3-6DB1
    Special Diffuser is Free
  26. DDE2-6F21
    Hard Suspension is Free
  27. DDE2-6491 + DDE2-64B1
    Active Suspension is Free
  28. DDE2-6D91
    Carbon Brakes Are Free
  29. DDE2-6D21 + DDE2-6FF1
    Antilock Brakes Are Free
  30. DDEA-6491
    5-Speed Transmission is Free
  31. DDEA-6421 + DDEA-67F1
    6-Speed Transmission is Free
  32. DDEA-6791 + DDEA-67B1
    7-Speed Transmission is Free
  33. DDEA-6D21 + DDEA-6FF1
    Type 2 Chassis is Free
  34. DDEA-6F91 + DDEA-6FB1
    Type 3 Chassis is Free

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