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Final Fantasy III - Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Final Fantasy III on Super Nintendo (SNES).
  1. D15C-78E5
    Start Terra With Man-Eater Equipped
  2. F65C-78E5
    Start Terra With Excalibur Equipped
  3. FC5C-78E5
    Start Terra With Illumina Equipped
  4. FA5C-78E5
    Start Terra With Atma Equipped
  5. 435C-78E5
    Start Terra With Tempest Equipped
  6. D35C-78E5
    Start Terra With Blizzard Equipped
  7. F75C-78E5
    Start Terra With Enhancer Equipped
  8. 9A58-7675
    Start Terra With Mythril Shield Equipped
  9. 9258-7675
    Start Terra With Gold Shield Equipped
  10. 1F58-7675
    Start Terra With Ice Shield Equipped
  11. 1D58-7675
    Start Terra With Fire Shield Equipped
  12. 1C58-7655
    Start Terra With Hairband Equipped
  13. 1B58-7655
    Start Terra With Leather Hat Equipped
  14. 5C58-7655
    Start Terra With Circlet Equipped
  15. 5B58-7655
    Start Terra With Mystery Veil Equipped
  16. 5658-7655
    Start Terra With Red Cap Equipped
  17. 6658-7685
    Start Terra With Silk Robe Equipped
  18. 6B58-7685
    Start Terra With Mythril Vest Equipped
  19. 6858-7685
    Start Terra With White Dress Equipped
  20. BC58-7685
    Start Terra With Genji Armor Equipped
  21. B058-7685
  22. 108C-EF03 + 108C-E4A3
    All Items in Shops Are Free (You must switch off this code to sell items for GP)
  23. DDA4-8767
    Party Always Has Sprint Shoes
  24. ED30-E944
    Using a Tonic Heals 240 HP
  25. 3CB8-5DAE
    Most Items Can Be Used Infinitely (This does not work in battle and you must switch this code off to exit the menu screen.)
  26. DD97-5FDA
    Party Always Has Economizer While Not in Battle (MP Cost 1)
  27. DD90-EFDB
    Party Always Has Economizer While in Battle (MP cost 1)
  28. D007-8DD7
    Party Always Has Super Spring Shoes
  29. CE17-77D6
    Spells Learned Faster
  30. AA23-54D8
    A Lot of EXP After Battle (Obtain Level 99)
  31. AA24-E7D8
    Get Items After Every Battle
  32. DC2C-E4D8
    Get the Maximum Amount of Gold
  33. D493-54D8
    Over 16,000 EXP Per Battle
  34. D793-54D8
    ~1,000,000 EXP Per Battle.
  35. AA6C-EF08
    Party Always Has Sprint Shoes
  36. AAD8-EF08
    All Party Members Float, Are Affected By Stop and Have Reflect in Battles
  37. DD27-E7DB
    Everyone Has Hidden Gold Hairpin (In Battle Only)
  38. DD20-EFDB
    Everyone Has Hidden Econimizer (In Battle Only)
  39. DD27-5FDA
    Everyone Has Hidden Econimizer (Out of Battle Only)
  40. DD20-5DDA
    Everyone Has Hidden Golden Hairpin (Out of Battle Only)
  41. D0A7-8DD7
    Super Sprint Shoes in Effect (Only works With Sprint Shoes equipped or with an “Always Have Sprint Shoes” code in effect.)
  42. AA95-EFA8
    Randomly Selects Number of Items Gained after a Battle
  43. ED3B-E5C4
    Using a Tincture Heals 240 MP
  44. DFD8-EF68
    All Party Members Have Float
  45. D6D8-EF68
    All Party Members Have Haste
  46. D8D8-EF68
    All Party Members Have Haste, Float and Regen
  47. D4D8-EF68
    All Party Members Have Reflect
  48. D7D8-EF68
    All Party Members Have Regen
  49. DBD8-EF68
    All Party Members Have Haste and Float
  50. DCD8-EF68
    All Party Members Haste and Regen
  51. 3DD8-EF68
    All Party Members Have Float and Safe
  52. BDD8-EFD8
    All Party Members have Reflect and Stop
  53. AADB-EDA8
    All Party Members Have Increased HP & MP
  54. AADC-EDA8
    All Party Members Have Hidden Moogle Charm
  55. D762-EF68
    Vigor, Speed, Stamina and MagPwr Becomes 255
  56. EEDB-EDA8
    HP / MP Becomes 9,999 / 999 Respectively
  57. CE37-77D6
    Spells Are Learned at a Rate of 10%
  58. EE37-7DD6
    All Spells Are Learned After 1 Battle With Any Esper (Note the game may appear to freeze, but it will become playable after some time.)
  59. EE39-7DD6
    Learn All Spells of Equipped Esper After 1 Battle
  60. AA90-74DD
    Walk Through Some Walls
  61. 3B24-0703 + EE39-076E + 3C39-DEA7
    Multiply GP and EXP By 1,000 After a Battle
  62. AA94-E7D8 + AA94-EF08 + AA94-E4D8 + D794-E708
    Get Paladin Shields, Offerings, Gem Boxes, Econimizers and Other Items from Battles
  63. 4DBE-8C88 + 3DB0-EC78
    Faster Left / Right Movement on World Map
  64. 4DBB-EB88 + 3DB3-E6E8
    Faster Up / Down Movement on World Map
  65. AA9B-E768 + AA9B-E708 + AA9B-E7D8 + AA9B-E7A8
    Switch Characters After a Battle
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