Game Genie Codes

Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey Mouse on Super Nintendo (SNES).

  1. Infinite Energy
  2. 1-Hit And You’re Dead
  3. Start With Less Energy
  4. Start With More Energy
  5. Infinite Lives
  6. Start With 1 Life
  7. Start With 7 Lives
  8. Start With 10 Lives
  9. Each Marble Worth 99
  10. Infinite Marbles
  11. Start On Stage X
    Stage Modifiers

    • DF: The Wharf
    • D4: Mad Doc 1
    • D7: Mad Doc 2
    • D0: Ride The Gurney
    • D9: Mad Doc 4
    • D1: Elevator
    • D5: Mad Doc Eol
    • D6: Moose Hunt
    • DB: Moose Chase
    • DC: Haunted House
    • D8: Haunted Basement
    • DA: Haunted Halls
    • D2: Garden
    • D3: Tunnel
    • DE: Steps
    • FD: Table
    • FF: Library
    • F4: Kitchen
    • F7: Dungeon
    • F0: Tower Escape
    • F9: Dungeon 2

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