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Mortal Kombat 2 - Cheats, Secrets, Tips & Tricks

Random Character Select
Hold Up on Liu Kang for player one (or Reptile for player two) and press Start.

Alternate Introduction Sequence
Hold L + R before the Acclaim logo is displayed and keep the buttons held until it disappears.

Four Man Endurance Match (2-Player)
Hold L + R, then press Start at the start/options screen.

Miscellaneous Codes
Quickly enter the following controller actions at the “Select Your Fighter” screen. A sound will confirm when the code has been entered correctly. More than one code can be enabled as long as only one is a character code.

  • Thirty Kredits: Press Left, Up, Right, Down, Left + Select
  • Triple Time for Fatality Moves: Press Up(2), Left, Up, Down + Select
  • Extra Damage on Attacks: Press Down, Up, Right, Up, Left + Select
  • Fight Against Smoke: Press Up, Left, Up(2), Right + Select
  • Fight Against Jade: Press Up, Down(2), Left, Right + Select
  • Fight Against Kintaro: Press Up, Down(2), Right, Right + Select
  • Fight Against Shao Kahn: Press Right, Up(2), Right, Left + Select
  • Fight Against Noob Saibot: Press Left, Up, Down(2), Right + Select

Pong Mini-Game
Win 250 consecutive matches in 2-Player Mode.

No Throws
Select a 2-Player Game. Hold Down + HP on controllers one and two after character selection. Release the buttons after the match starts.

Mystery Sound
Press Down after executing the Dead Pool fatality.

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