Game Genie Codes

Secret of Evermore – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Secret of Evermore on Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

  1. C2A0-CD5A + 826B-41DF + D261-400F
    Everyone is Invincible
  2. 95B9-34ED
    Start with 99 Attack Points
  3. EEB9-34ED
    Start with a Lot of Attack Points
  4. 17B5-C75D
    Start with 99 Defense Points
  5. EEB5-C75D
    Start with a Lot of Defense Points
  6. 17B7-445F
    Start with 99 Magic Defense Points
  7. EEB7-445F
    Start with a Lot of Magic Defense Points
  8. 7464-CFE7
    Start with 50 Evade % Points
  9. 1764-CFE7
    Start with 99 Evade % Points
  10. 746D-3F57
    Start with 50 Hit % Points
  11. 176D-3F57
    Start with 99 Hit % Points
  12. 1786-CFEB + 17BB-17ED
    Start with 99 HP
  13. EE86-CFEB + EEBB-17ED
    Start with 255 HP
  14. 17BF-1FEF
    Your Dog Starts with 99 HP
  15. EEBF-1FEF
    Your Dog Starts with 255 HP

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