Game Genie Codes

Secret of Mana – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Secret of Mana on Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES).

  1. EE28-EDAF
    Start New Game with 255 GP
  2. 6D28-EFDF
    Start New Game with 32,768 GP
  3. EE28-EFDF
    Start New Game with 65,280 GP
  4. 6F09-8707
    Start New Game at Level 16

    Note: For codes 5 thru 9, you can’t save the higher level attributes.

  5. 9C06-81AD
    Strength for level 16 is 90
  6. 9C06-85DD
    Agility for Level 16 is 90
  7. 9C06-850D
    Constitution for Level 16 is 90
  8. 9C06-856D
    Intelligence for Level 16 is 90
  9. 9C06-85AD
    Wisdom for Level 16 is 90
  10. EE6B-8738
    Chest in the Elder’s Basement in Potos gives you 65,360 GP.
  11. C274-8764 + C277-8DA4
    Staying at the Inn in Potos is free if you have enough money.
  12. CE5F-5767
    Items in the Shop at Potos are free if you have enough money.
  13. DDEB-E544
    Candy Costs Nothing
  14. DDE3-E044
    Overalls Costs Nothing
  15. DDE8-E9C4
    Bandanna Costs Nothing
  16. DDEC-E9C4
    Cup of Wishes Costs Nothing
  17. DDEC-E944
    Medical Herb Costs Nothing
  18. DDE7-7047
    Wristband Costs Nothing
  19. DDE8-E144
    Hair Ribbon Costs Nothing
  20. DDE8-E1C4
    Rabite Cap Costs Nothing
  21. DDEC-E0C4 + DDEC-E034
    Faerie Walnut Costs Nothing
  22. DDEC-E044
    Royal Jam Costs Nothing
  23. DDEB-E5C4
    Chocolate Costs Nothing
  24. DDAB-E715
    Staying at Neko’s Costs Nothing Instead of 30
  25. 8208-776D
    Protection from Most Hits (Switch Off to Kill Enemies)

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