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Time Slip – Game Genie Codes

The following are known Game Genie Codes for Time Slip on Super Nintendo (SNES).

  1. Keep Gun Power-Ups After Dying
    CD24 67A7
    CD24 6467
  2. Start With 16 Lives
    EE6B 670D
  3. Infinite Lives
    C22E 04A7
  4. Infinite Energy
    C2B7 6DD0
  5. Start With 4 Energy (After 1st Life)
    DE2E 0F67
  6. Start With 3 Energy (After 1st Life)
    D52E 0F67
  7. Start With 4 Energy (1st Life)
    DE6C 6F0D
  8. Start With 3 Energy (1st Life)
    D56C 6F0D
  9. Invincibility
  10. Flash 2X Longer When Hit
    6DB7 6460
  11. Barely Flash At All
    FDB7 6460
  12. Fewer Enemies
    C26F 6FD1
    C26C 07A1
    C26F ADD1
    C26C 0FA1
  13. Start With All Weapons And 9 Rounds (On Foot Missions)
  14. Infinite Ammo (On Foot Missions)
  15. TGS Meter Doesn’t Decrease
  16. Stage Select
    Stage Modifiers

    • DF: Cretaceous
    • D4: Egypt
    • D7: Rome
    • D0: Invasion 2147
    • D9: Tirmat

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