VitaCheat Codes [EU]

AeternoBlade - VitaCheat Codes [EU]

The following are known VitaCheat Codes for AeternoBlade on Sony Playstation Vita (PS Vita).
# ID: PCSB00324
# Title: AeternoBlade
# Region: EUR
# Version: 1.00
# Type: Vitamin/MaiDump
# Code Author: speedfly
# Source:
# Original Source:
# Note: VITAMIN版本游戏 解压后用MAI文件夹安装方式 (VITAMIN version game After unpacking, use MAI folder to install)
_V0 UP Bar Max//UP槽保持最大
$A200 81056778 0A01ED40
_V0 Get Y.ORBS Max//获得黄魂后最大
$A100 81194C2A 00001C00
_V0 Inf MP//MP保持最大
$A200 81056AF4 0A01ED40
_V0 Hit Bar Max//连击槽保持最大
$A100 810395BE 00002000
_V0 Get Hit Max//连击后连击数最大
$A100 81039854 00001C00
_V0 Invicible//无敌
$A200 81218300 E0800001
$A200 81218304 E3A01441
$A200 81218308 E5801000
$A200 8121830C ED900A00
$A200 81218310 E51FF004
$A200 81218314 8102CABD
$A100 8102CAB6 00004778
$A200 8102CAB8 EA07AE10
_V0 Inf HP//HP不减
$A200 81218320 E59F1014
$A200 81218324 E151000E
$A200 81218328 0E700AE0
$A200 8121832C EE300A60
$A200 81218330 E2400E75
$A200 81218334 E51FF004
$A200 81218338 8102B58D
$A200 8121833C 8105A7DD
$A100 8102B586 00004778
$A200 8102B588 EA07B364
_V0 Instant Kill//秒杀
$A200 81218340 ED900A00
$A200 81218344 E59F100C
$A200 81218348 E151000E
$A200 8121834C 1EF00A40
$A200 81218350 E51FF004
$A200 81218354 8102B587
$A200 81218358 8105A7DD
$A100 8102B57E 00004778
$A200 8102B580 EA07B36E
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