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Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus - VitaCheat Codes [US]

The following are known VitaCheat Codes for Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus on Sony Playstation Vita (PS Vita).
# ID: PCSE00021
# Title: Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus
# Region: USA
# Version: 1.00
# Type: NoNpDrm
# Code Author: Borderlinez, speedfly
# Source:
# Original Source:
# Original Source:
# Note: Borderlinez's notes:
#  - For easy master ninja rank on missions these codes are not for Ninja trials
#  - Infinite karma gives a ninja dog rank so no use hacking that code, and if you mess with the combo multiplier you will get a ninja dog rank as well .
#  - Mission clear time at 1.13 and the other timer when doing combos is stopped so you will get all your combo bonuses ! 10000
#  - The Jewel of the Spirit Smith crystal can be used to upgrade any weapon without going to muramasa if you just want to upgrade yourself playing the game normally

_V0 黄魂//Essence
$A200 81A31290 E2800EE7 #SPEEDFLY
$A200 81A31294 E2800A37
$A200 81A31298 E92D0002
$A200 81A3129C E59F100C
$A200 81A312A0 E5801000
$A200 81A312A4 E8BD0002
$A200 81A312A8 E51FF004
$A200 81A312AC 81066311
$A200 81A312B0 0001869E
$A200 81066308 47781C00
$A200 8106630C EA272BDF

_V1 Health/full health gauge unlocked*
$0200 81E37BB4 0E100E10
$0200 81E37BB8 0E100E10
$0200 81E37B84 FFFF0E10
$0200 81E37B94 0E100E10

_V1 Ki + full Ki Gauge Unlocked*
$0200 81E37BBC 04D004D0

_V1 *Essence*
$0200 81E35530 000F423F
$0200 81E36980 000F423F

_V1 1 *Hit Kill **(kill most enemies with 1 hit)
$0200 81E37DB4 FFFF0000
$0200 81E37FE4 FFFF0000
$0200 81E38214 FFFF0000
$0200 81E38674 FFFF0000
$0200 81E388A4 FFFF0000
$0200 81E38444 FFFF0000
$0200 81E38D04 FFFF0000

_V1 *Oxygen*
$0000 81E34E9C 00000064

_V1 True Dragon Sword*
$0200 81E35CB5 0100C900

_V1 **Plasma Saber Mk.II**
$0200 81E35D2A 000100F7

_V1 **Kitetsu (Doku's Sword)**
$0200 81E35DD2 00010183

_V1 ****Dark Dragon Blade**
$0200 81E35D92 000100CD

_V1 *Dabilahro*
$0200 81E35D0E 00030095

_V1 *Lunar *
$0200 81E35D1A 00400134

_V1 Talisman*
$0200 81E35D32 000200FB

_V1 Elixir of Spiritual Life*
$0200 81E35CD6 000500BE

_V1 Great Spirit Elixir**
$0200 81E35CDA 000200BF

_V1 Ayane's Rations*
$0200 81E35D02 00030172

_V1 Elixir of the Devil Way*
$0200 81E35CFA 000300C0

_V1 Life of the Gods**
$0200 81E35D2E 000A005A

_V1 Fragrance of Dayflower*
$0200 81E35D0A 00030181

_V1 Fragrance of Hydrangea*
$0200 81E35D12 0003017E

_V1 The Armlet of Potency**
$0200 81E35D4A 00010167

_V1 The Armlet of Benediction*
$0200 81E35D42 00010055

_V1 The Armlet of Fortune*
$0200 81E35D46 00010052

_V1 The Armlet of Celerity*
$0200 81E35D36 00010166

_V1 The Art of the Inazuma*
$0200 81E35DE6 000100AE

_V1 The Art of the Ice Storm*
$0200 81E35DCA 000100A0

_V1 The Art of the Inferno*
$0200 81E35D0A 0001000F
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