VitaCheat Codes [AS]

Soul Sacrifice Delta - VitaCheat Codes [AS]

The following are known VitaCheat Codes for Soul Sacrifice Delta on Sony Playstation Vita (PS Vita).
# ID: PCSD00079
# Title: Soul Sacrifice Delta
# Region: ASA
# Version: 1.30
# Type: MaiDump
# Code Author: Unknown
# Wiki:
# Source:

_V0 Tears / tears [Note 1]
$3201 81C98618 0000008C
$3300 00000000 00000000 #<---SET VALUE HERE: Customize the maximum number of tears 999999

_V0 Life Level in Mission // Life level in mission [Note 1]
$3202 81C98F00 00000044
$3200 00000000 000000D0
$3300 00000000 00000000 #<---SET VALUE HERE: custom level value

_V0 Magic Level in Mission // Magic level in mission [Note 1]
$3202 81C98F00 00000044
$3200 00000000 000000D4
$3300 00000000 00000000 #<---SET VALUE HERE: custom level value

_V0 Inf HP // HP remains max
$A200 81C92C00 E92D007E
$A200 81C92C04 ED2D0A01
$A200 81C92C08 E59F607C
$A200 81C92C0C E59F1074
$A200 81C92C10 E5911000
$A200 81C92C14 E3510000
$A200 81C92C18 0A000014
$A200 81C92C1C E591104C
$A200 81C92C20 E3510000
$A200 81C92C24 0A000011
$A200 81C92C28 E3A02018
$A200 81C92C2C E3A03000
$A200 81C92C30 E0040392
$A200 81C92C34 E0814004
$A200 81C92C38 E5945000
$A200 81C92C3C E3550000
$A200 81C92C40 0A000007
$A200 81C92C44 E5954000
$A200 81C92C48 E1540006
$A200 81C92C4C 1A000004
$A200 81C92C50 E59540F8
$A200 81C92C54 EE004A10
$A200 81C92C58 EEB80AC0
$A200 81C92C5C ED850A16
$A200 81C92C60 ED850A17
$A200 81C92C64 E2833001
$A200 81C92C68 E3530008
$A200 81C92C70 ECBD0A01
$A200 81C92C74 E8BD007E
$A200 81C92C78 E2868C17
$A200 81C92C7C E2487020
$A200 81C92C80 E51FF004
$A200 81C92C84 813801BB
$A200 81C92C88 81C98F44
$A200 81C92C8C 81C61EEC
$A100 813801B2 00004778
$A200 813801B4 EA244A91

_V0 Inf Durable // Durable
$A200 81C92C90 E92D001E
$A200 81C92C94 E59F1054
$A200 81C92C98 E5911000
$A200 81C92C9C E3510000
$A200 81C92CA0 0A00000C
$A200 81C92CA4 E5911044
$A200 81C92CA8 E3510000
$A200 81C92CAC 0A000009
$A200 81C92CB0 E2811C02
$A200 81C92CB4 E3A02000
$A200 81C92CB8 E0814102
$A200 81C92CBC E5943018
$A200 81C92CC0 E3530000
$A200 81C92CC4 0A000000
$A200 81C92CC8 E5843000
$A200 81C92CCC E2822001
$A200 81C92CD0 E3520006
$A200 81C92CD4 BAFFFFF7
$A200 81C92CD8 E8BD001E
$A200 81C92CDC E3A01B29
$A200 81C92CE0 E2811088
$A200 81C92CE4 EEB08A40
$A200 81C92CE8 E51FF004
$A200 81C92CEC 8136AE6D
$A200 81C92CF0 81C98F00
$A200 8136AE64 47781C00
$A200 8136AE68 EA249F88

_V0 Enemy HP 1 // Enemy HP is no more than 1
$A200 81C92D00 E92D007E
$A200 81C92D04 ED2D0A01
$A200 81C92D08 E59F607C
$A200 81C92D0C E59F1074
$A200 81C92D10 E5911000
$A200 81C92D14 E3510000
$A200 81C92D18 0A000014
$A200 81C92D1C E591104C
$A200 81C92D20 E3510000
$A200 81C92D24 0A000011
$A200 81C92D28 E3A02018
$A200 81C92D2C E3A03000
$A200 81C92D30 E0040392
$A200 81C92D34 E0814004
$A200 81C92D38 E5945000
$A200 81C92D3C E3550000
$A200 81C92D40 0A000007
$A200 81C92D44 E5954000
$A200 81C92D48 E1540006
$A200 81C92D4C 0A000004
$A200 81C92D50 E5954058
$A200 81C92D54 E35405FE
$A200 81C92D58 DA000001
$A200 81C92D5C E3A045FE
$A200 81C92D60 E5854058
$A200 81C92D64 E2833001
$A200 81C92D68 E3530008
$A200 81C92D70 ECBD0A01
$A200 81C92D74 E8BD007E
$A200 81C92D78 E2858A01
$A200 81C92D7C E2957C17
$A200 81C92D80 E51FF004
$A200 81C92D84 8136AE7F
$A200 81C92D88 81C98F44
$A200 81C92D8C 81C61EEC
$A100 8136AE76 00004778
$A200 8136AE78 EA249FA0

_V0 MaxHP in Mission // The maximum HP value in the mission [Note 1]
$A200 81C92D90 E92D007E
$A200 81C92D94 E59F6068
$A200 81C92D98 E59F1060
$A200 81C92D9C E5911000
$A200 81C92DA0 E3510000
$A200 81C92DA4 0A000011
$A200 81C92DA8 E591104C
$A200 81C92DAC E3510000
$A200 81C92DB0 0A00000E
$A200 81C92DB4 E3A02018
$A200 81C92DB8 E3A03000
$A200 81C92DBC E0040392
$A200 81C92DC0 E0814004
$A200 81C92DC4 E5945000
$A200 81C92DC8 E3550000
$A200 81C92DCC 0A000004
$A200 81C92DD0 E5954000
$A200 81C92DD4 E1540006
$A200 81C92DD8 1A000001
$A200 81C92DDC E59F4024
$A200 81C92DE0 E58540F8
$A200 81C92DE4 E2833001
$A200 81C92DE8 E3530008
$A200 81C92DF0 E8BD007E
$A200 81C92DF4 E59F0010
$A200 81C92DF8 E51FF004
$A200 81C92DFC 813801C7
$A200 81C92E00 81C98F44
$A200 81C92E04 81C61EEC
$A200 81C92E08 00000000 #<---SET VALUE HERE: Custom HP Max. 999999999
$A200 81C92E0C 81C9A488
$A100 813801BE 00004778
$A200 813801C0 EA244AF2

_V0 Arts Enable by Use / / disable can be used continuously
$3202 81C98F00 00000044
$3200 00000000 00000120
$3300 00000000 00000000

_V0 Inf Arts Time / / free time is not reduced
$A200 81C92E10 E92D007E
$A200 81C92E14 ED2D0A01
$A200 81C92E18 E59F607C
$A200 81C92E1C E59F1074
$A200 81C92E20 E5911000
$A200 81C92E24 E3510000
$A200 81C92E28 0A000014
$A200 81C92E2C E591104C
$A200 81C92E30 E3510000
$A200 81C92E34 0A000011
$A200 81C92E38 E3A02018
$A200 81C92E3C E3A03000
$A200 81C92E40 E0040392
$A200 81C92E44 E0814004
$A200 81C92E48 E5945000
$A200 81C92E4C E3550000
$A200 81C92E50 0A000007
$A200 81C92E54 E5954000
$A200 81C92E58 E1540006
$A200 81C92E5C 1A000004
$A200 81C92E60 E595414C
$A200 81C92E64 E3540000
$A200 81C92E68 0A000001
$A200 81C92E6C E3A04311
$A200 81C92E70 E585414C
$A200 81C92E74 E2833001
$A200 81C92E78 E3530008
$A200 81C92E80 ECBD0A01
$A200 81C92E84 E8BD007E
$A200 81C92E88 EEB08A40
$A200 81C92E8C E1B05001
$A200 81C92E90 E51FF004
$A200 81C92E94 812B9415
$A200 81C92E98 81C98F44
$A200 81C92E9C 81C61EEC
$A100 812B940E 00004778
$A200 812B9410 EA27667E

_V0 Invicible // invincible
$C203 00000001 00000018
$3202 81C98F00 00000044
$3200 00000000 00000064
$3300 00000000 00000020
$C203 00000001 00000048
$3202 81C98F00 00000044
$3200 00000000 00000064
$3300 00000000 00000000

_V0 Enable All Offerings // Turn on all offers
$A200 81C92EA0 E92D01FE
$A200 81C92EA4 E59F1068
$A200 81C92EA8 E5911000
$A200 81C92EAC E3510000
$A200 81C92EB0 0A000012
$A200 81C92EB4 E28110B0
$A200 81C92EB8 E3A0202C
$A200 81C92EBC E3A03000
$A200 81C92EC0 E3A04000
$A200 81C92EC4 E3A08002
$A200 81C92EC8 E0050392
$A200 81C92ECC E0815005
$A200 81C92ED0 E2856008
$A200 81C92ED4 E0869104
$A200 81C92ED8 E2897010
$A200 81C92EDC E5C78000
$A200 81C92EE0 E2844001
$A200 81C92EE4 E3540004
$A200 81C92EE8 BAFFFFF9
$A200 81C92EEC E2833001
$A200 81C92EF0 E3A07C03
$A200 81C92EF4 E28770DE
$A200 81C92EF8 E1530007
$A200 81C92F00 E8BD01FE
$A200 81C92F04 EEB08A40
$A200 81C92F08 E2884F91
$A200 81C92F0C E51FF004
$A200 81C92F10 8166C283
$A200 81C92F14 81C98618
$A100 8166C27A 00004778
$A200 8166C27C EA189B07

_V0 Enabled Offerings Number // The number of items opened [Note 1]
$A200 81C92F20 E92D01FE
$A200 81C92F24 E59F1074
$A200 81C92F28 E5911000
$A200 81C92F2C E3510000
$A200 81C92F30 0A000015
$A200 81C92F34 E28110B0
$A200 81C92F38 E3A0202C
$A200 81C92F3C E3A03000
$A200 81C92F40 E3A04000
$A200 81C92F44 E3A08002
$A200 81C92F48 E0050392
$A200 81C92F4C E0815005
$A200 81C92F50 E2856008
$A200 81C92F54 E0869104
$A200 81C92F58 E5997010
$A200 81C92F5C E3570000
$A200 81C92F60 0A000001
$A200 81C92F64 E5DF7038
$A200 81C92F68 E5C97000
$A200 81C92F6C E2844001
$A200 81C92F70 E3540004
$A200 81C92F74 BAFFFFF6
$A200 81C92F78 E2833001
$A200 81C92F7C E3A07C03
$A200 81C92F80 E28770DE
$A200 81C92F84 E1530007
$A200 81C92F88 BAFFFFEC
$A200 81C92F8C E8BD01FE
$A200 81C92F90 E2880FB6
$A200 81C92F94 EEB00A48
$A200 81C92F98 E51FF004
$A200 81C92F9C 8166C2A3
$A200 81C92FA0 81C98618
$A000 81C92FA4 00000000 #<---SET VALUE HERE: The maximum number of custom 99
$A100 8166C29A 00004778
$A200 8166C29C EA189B1F

_V0 Notes:
$0000 00000000 00000000

_V0 * Entry into the menu after the entry into force
$0000 00000000 00000000

_V0 * START+UP = open invincible START+DOWN = off invincible
$0000 00000000 00000000

_V0 * If you can not start the embargo can...
$0000 00000000 00000000

_V0 * opened after the invincible
$0000 00000000 00000000

_V0 * Take effect after entering and exiting the menu
$0000 00000000 00000000

_V0 #1: This is a modifier cheat. See Wiki for details.
$0000 00000000 00000000
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