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Terraria - VitaCheat Codes [US]

The following are known VitaCheat Codes for Terraria on Sony Playstation Vita (PS Vita).
# ID: PCSE00317
# Title: Terraria
# Region: USA
# Version: 1.11
# Type: Vitamin
# Code Author: speedfly
# Source:
# Original Source:

_V0 Inf HP//HP不减
$A200 81298384 E1A00000
$A200 8126CB34 E3A04000
$A200 812A4434 E1A00000
$A200 812AD128 E3A01000
$A200 8129851C E1A00001
_V0 Inf Oxygen//无限氧气
$A200 812A43E8 E1A00000
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