Gecko Codes [RUHP52]

Bakugan Battle Brawlers - Gecko Codes [RUHP52]

The following are known Gecko Codes for Bakugan Battle Brawlers on Nintendo Wii (Wii).
Gecko Hook Type: AXNextFrame

Unlock all Characters [TNTkryzt]
04073FE4 38000001
04073FE8 980303B2

Unlock all Battlefields [TNTkryzt]
040805D8 38000002
040805DC 980303C4

Unlock all Special Shots [TNTkryzt]
04148958 3960FFFF
0414895C 7D7E01AE
04148960 38000001

Have all Cards [TNTkryzt]
0412DD9C 38000001
0412DDA0 980326E8
0412DDA4 38600000

All Bakugans On Sale [TNTkryzt]
07797414 00000018
88830070 2C0400FF
4082000C 38800001
98830070 4AA227F8
041B9C1C 495DD7F8

Receive Sale Price [TNTkryzt]
041B8D90 7C9E1A14

Infinite Throw Power [TNTkryzt]
04185174 D0030018

Have 5000 G-Power [TNTkryzt]
07797400 00000014
80750020 3D60459C
396B4000 91630034
4A995B48 00000000
0412CF54 4966A4AC

Obtain Viewed Bakugan [TNTkryzt]
0779742C 000000A0
2C0A0F6C 40820094
8061001C 8BA30347
816D9B7C 398B0020
1FBD0053 7C8CEA14
3FC08034 3BDE2D98
1FBC0014 7FDEEA14
83DE0000 7C84F214
8BA40070 2C1D0001
40820058 3BA00002
9BA40070 88830347
1FDE0078 7D6BF214
1C840014 7D6B2214
396B001C 396B0458
83BF0000 93AB0000
83BF0004 93AB0004
A3BF0008 B3AB0008
8BBF000B 9BAB000B
83BF000C 93AB000C
8BBF0010 9BAB0010
83E1001C 4A918410
040AF8D4 496E7B58
(Use WiiMote D-Pad to Cycle through Shops Bakugan List)
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