Gecko Codes [SBQE4Z]

Big Buck Hunter Pro - Gecko Codes [SBQE4Z]

The following are known Gecko Codes for Big Buck Hunter Pro on Nintendo Wii (Wii).
Don't have to reload in treks [giantpune]
0404AD94 60000000

Don't have to reload in bonus levels [giantpune]
04046358 60000000
04084AA4 60000000
04084718 60000000

start timed bonus stages with 99 seconds on the clock [giantpune]
040469B0 38000063
* time still decreases

always have 99 seconds in timed bonus stages [giantpune]
0435FBD8 00000063
* time doesn't decrease

Shot count write [giantpune]
0435FC4C 00000001
* for normal treks, this writes 1 to the address that counts your shots fired
* this directly affects the math used in calculating bonus points.
* pretty much guarantees 100% accuracy bonus
* as long as you kill all 3 male animals without shooting a female animal, you can pretty much fire as many shots wherever you want and get the marksmen award

perfect sights count is always 99 [giantpune]
0429E880 00000063

perfect streak is always 99 [giantpune]
0429E878 00000063

equal-rights mode (allowed to shoot females) [giantpune]
0404ca98 48000144
*female still die with 1 shot, but it counts like you killed a male instead of ending the level. no points are awarded for distance and the shot counts as a miss instead of hit when calculating accuracy, but at least you get to shoot them.
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