Gecko Codes [RVYP52]

Call of Duty: World at War - Gecko Codes [RVYP52]

The following are known Gecko Codes for Call of Duty: World at War on Nintendo Wii (Wii).
Inf Ammo Everything Campaign [STRiiK3R]
047280EC 0008000A
047280F0 000A0000
047280E8 00140008
E0000000 80008000
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Force Reload [Crashzer]
281B3C60 00000010
007E3E59 00000000
E0000000 80008000
Press plus (+) to force reload

Button Activator (PAL) [Crashzer]
281B3C60 0000ZZZZ

8Bit Infinite Ammo [Crashzer]
007E3E59 0000007F
*Infinite Bullets

Unstopable Reloading [Crashzer]
007E3E59 00000000
Empty Your Gun!

Display Connection Interrupted Message [Crashzer]
281B3C60 0000ZZZZ
027E3E82 60000000
E0000000 80008000
Press Activator to back out/get Connection Error message

Minimum Number of players in Lobby [BlockBoy]
051EF59C 0000000X

Jump and Hurt Yourself [BlockBoy]
051FD2F4 24E69595

No damage taken from falling [BlockBoy]
051FD2F4 69045951

Exit Scope on Damage [BlockBoy]
051FD9FC 01000000

Lagometer-Non host [BlockBoy]
051F6F1C 01000000

Spawn in Safe places [BlockBoy]
0520AFBC 01000000

Speed Modifier [BlockBoy]
use floating points to fill in x's

melee mod [superman]
use floating points to fill in x's

Moon jump [superman]
use floating points to fill in x's

Lock onto torso [superman]
051FDA8C 01000000

stuff was Saved in savegame file. Have Fun :D

Infinite Ammo [ZiT]
04312CB4 60000000

Infinite LIFE [ZiT]
C23E7D94 00000002
380000FF 90100190
60000000 00000000
044125F8 60000000

Rapid Fire [Black_Wolf]
C252DCA8 00000002
3D200000 61290000
91364020 00000000

Moonjump [Romaap]
201B63A0 00000008
04727EEC 42C80000

Universal Codes (any/all regions)

Unlock All Missions [Bully@Wiiplaza]
281B6362 7FFF8000
F6000001 81008180
00000400 3F19999A
14004414 01000000
E0000000 80008000
*Press Home on Campaign to activate*
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