Gecko Codes [RDHP78]

Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed - Gecko Codes [RDHP78]

The following are known Gecko Codes for Destroy All Humans! Big Willy Unleashed on Nintendo Wii (Wii).
Game Time 00:00:01 [memorris]
0541620C 00000001

Missions Attempted 1 [memorris]
054161F0 00000001

Max Cryptosporidium Clones Created [memorris]
05416200 7FFFFFFF

Max Willy Recharges [memorris]
054161F8 7FFFFFFF

Max Altitude Using Jetpack [memorris]
05416210 7FFFFFFF

Longest Single Jetpack Flight [memorris]
05416214 7FFFFFFF

Saucers Totaled 1 [memorris]
05416220 00000001

Longest Single Willy Rampage [memorris]
05416218 00000001

Quickest Single Willy Rampage 1 [memorris]
0541621C 00000001

Max Humans Hypnotized [memorris]
05416204 7FFFFFFF

Max Regurg-A-Tron Kills [memorris]
054161E8 7FFFFFFF

Max Combatants Killed [memorris]
05416178 7FFFFFFF

Max Zombies Created [memorris]
0541617C 7FFFFFFF

Max Military Vehicles Destroyed [memorris]
05416180 7FFFFFFF

Max Moving Civilian Vehicles Destroyed [memorris]
05416184 7FFFFFFF

Max Damage Caused [memorris]
05416188 7FFFFFFF

Max Ball Lightning Kills [memorris]
054161B0 7FFFFFFF

Max Zap-O-Matic Kills [memorris]
0541619C 7FFFFFFF

Longest Zap-O-Matic Chain [memorris]
054161A0 7FFFFFFF

Max Anal Probe Kills [memorris]
054161A4 7FFFFFFF

Max Disintegrator Kill [memorris]
054161A8 7FFFFFFF

Max Ion Detonator Kills [memorris]

Max Shrink Ray Kills [memorris]
054161B4 7FFFFFFF

Max Zombie Gun Kills [memorris]
054161B8 7FFFFFFF

Max Humans Abducted [memorris]

Max Death Ray Kills [memorris]
054161C0 7FFFFFFF

Max Sonic Boom Kills [memorris]
054161C4 7FFFFFFF

Max Quantum Deconstructors Kills [memorris]
054161C8 7FFFFFFF

Max Electro-cone Kills [memorris]

Max Vehicles Drained [memorris]
054161D0 7FFFFFFF

Max Boddies Snatched [memorris]
05416194 7FFFFFFF

Total Time Snatched 1 [memorris]
05416198 00000001

Max Total Weight PK Carried [memorris]
05416190 7FFFFFFF

Max Boddysnatch Mortality Rate [memorris]
05416208 7FFFFFFF

Max Roller Girls Kills [memorris]
05416264 7FFFFFFF

Max Civilians Killed [memorris]
05416294 7FFFFFFF

Max Patty's Radicals Killed [memorris]
054162C4 7FFFFFFF

Max Police Killed [memorris]
05416324 7FFFFFFF

Max Humans Eaten [memorris]
054161D8 7FFFFFFF

Max Humans Stunned [memorris]

Max Heat Beam Eyes Kills [memorris]
054161E0 7FFFFFFF

Max Windbreaker Kills [memorris]
054161E4 7FFFFFFF

Max Kluckin' Crew Killed [memorris]
05416384 7FFFFFFF

Max Soldiers Killed [memorris]
05416354 7FFFFFFF

Max Total DNA [memorris]

Fantasy Atoll Story Missions Completed [memorris]
054164F4 00000006

Fantasy Atoll Odd Jobs Completed [memorris]
054164F8 00000003

Fantasy Atoll Energy Cells Collected [memorris]
054164FC 0000001F

Fantasy Atoll Datacores Recovered [memorris]
05416500 00000006

Fairfield Energy Cells Collected [memorris]
054164D4 00000027

Fairfield Datacores Recoverd [memorris]
054164D8 00000005

Fairfield Odd Jobs Completed [memorris]
054164D0 00000005

Fairfield Story Missions Completed [memorris]
054164CC 00000005

Vietmahl Story Missions Completed [memorris]
054164E0 00000006

Vietmahl Odd Jobs Completed [memorris]
054164E4 00000004

Vietmahl Energy Cells Collected [memorris]
054164E8 00000025

Vietmahl Datacores Recovered [memorris]
054164EC 00000006

Harbor City Data Cores Recovered [memorris]
054164C4 00000006

Harbor City Energy Cells Collected [memorris]
054164C0 00000025

Harbor City Odd Jobs Completed [memorris]
054164BC 00000005

Harbor City Story Missions Completed [memorris]
054164B8 00000006

Data Cores Recovered [memorris]
054164B0 00000017

Energy Cells Colleted [memorris]
054164AC 00000090

Odd Jobes Completed [memorris]
054164A8 00000011

Story Missions Completed [memorris]
054164A4 00000017

Max Komeer Beige Killed [memorris]
05416414 7FFFFFFF

Max Resort Staff Killed [memorris]
05416474 7FFFFFFF

Max Electricity Bill [memorris]
05416230 7FFFFFFF
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