Gecko Codes [RDRJA4]

Dewy’s Adventure: Suishou Dewy no Daibouken!! - Gecko Codes [RDRJA4]

The following are known Gecko Codes for Dewy’s Adventure: Suishou Dewy no Daibouken!! on Nintendo Wii (Wii).
Infinite LIFE [ZiT]
0401BBD4 60000000

LIFE MAX & enemy LIFE 1 [ZiT]
0401BBB8 4BFE7668
04003220 2C050001
04003224 41820010
04003228 38800001
0400322C 9083007C
04003230 4801898C
04003234 3880000E
04003238 9083007C
0400323C 48018980
0409D258 4BF65FE8
04003240 3BC0000E
04003244 93C30078
04003248 4809A014

The Number of Friends MAX [ZiT]
040944C4 4BF6ED8C
04003250 380000FF
04003254 90040080
04003258 48091270
040ED9BC 60000000
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