Gecko Codes [R7GEAF]

Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo - Gecko Codes [R7GEAF]

The following are known Gecko Codes for Dragon Ball: Revenge of King Piccolo on Nintendo Wii (Wii).
inf hp DR4GON [xcoopa]
C241AFD4 00000001
60000000 00000000

inf ki DR4GON [xcoopa]
C244BEC0 00000001
60000000 00000000

inf shield DR4GON [xcoopa]
C244BECC 00000001
60000000 00000000

insta round win [DR4G0N]
283E749A 00000200
0441B10C 00000FA0
E0000000 80008000
*press 1 to instantly win the round (tournament)

tournament mode

always 9999999 zeniDragon [xcoopa]
0445FD60 00FFFFFF

inf hpDragon [xcoopa]

inf ki (powermoves) Dragon & Xcoopa [xcoopa]

inf shield (tournament mode) Dragon [xcoopa]
0444BECC 03E803E8

moon jump & underground - to activate B jump C to go under ground [xcoopa]
283E749A 00001000
CC000000 00000001
283E749A 00000400
0441B014 42B00000
E0000000 80008000
282FDA00 00001000
CC000000 00000001
E0000000 80008000
283E749A 00004000
CC000000 80008000
0441B014 41000000
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