Gecko Codes [RDBJAF]

Dragon Ball Z: Sparking! Neo - Gecko Codes [RDBJAF]

The following are known Gecko Codes for Dragon Ball Z: Sparking! Neo on Nintendo Wii (Wii).
Infinite HP [ZiT]
0411544C 4BEEDDB4
04003200 831FFFEC
04003204 2C180001
04003208 41820018
0400320C 901F0000
04003210 48112240
04003220 907F0000
04003224 4811222C

Skill Gauges Decrease,MAX [ZiT]
041157BC 4BEEDAA4
04003260 8303FFEC
04003264 2C180001
04003268 4182000C
0400326C 9003000C
04003270 48112550
04003274 83030010
04003278 9303000C
0400327C 48112544
0411588C 4BEED9F4
04003280 831FFFEC
04003284 2C180001
04003288 4182000C
0400328C 901F000C
04003290 48112600
04003294 831F0010
04003298 931F000C
0400329C 481125F4

Skill Numerical Value Decrease,MAX [ZiT]
04115958 4BEED8D8
04003230 8303FFEC
04003234 2C180001
04003238 41820018
0400323C 90030014
04003240 4811271C
04003250 83030018
04003254 93030014
04003258 48112704

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