Gecko Codes [SELP69]

FIFA Soccer 11 - Gecko Codes [SELP69]

The following are known Gecko Codes for FIFA Soccer 11 on Nintendo Wii (Wii).
Time Killer [Seth@WiiPlaza]
281660A0 00000010
C0000000 00000004
3D8080A7 618C65A8
3D600000 616B0005
916C0000 4E800020
4E800020 00000000
E0000000 80008000
*press the + Button on wii remote to kill the game time
*Works Online!

Button Activator [Seth@WiiPlaza]

Goals Modifier [Seth@WiiPlaza]
046E01EC 38A000XX
*desired value in hex

Infinite EXP [Seth@WiiPlaza]
044470DC 3860270F
0444718C 901F0064
044471BC 38602123

999 Stars [Panda]
04403400 380003E7
Buy/Sell player to activate

999 Transfer Points [Panda]
0440216C 380003E7
044021B0 380003E7
04402188 380003E7
Buy/Sell player to activate

999 XP [Panda]
044470D8 380003E7
Street to Stadium Mode

50 Fame Received After Match [Panda]
C241DA04 00000002
38800032 7C002214
60000000 00000000
Street to Stadium Mode. 388000XX = Value

Add 1 to Home, Set Away to 0 [Panda]
20A00440 00800400
A8000000 FF800000
04A4EDAC 00000000
82200001 80A47764
86000001 00000001
84200001 80A47764
E0000000 80008000
Classic Pad : ZL & Left

Add 1 to Away, Set Home to 0 [Panda]
20A00440 00400400
A8000000 FF800000
04A47764 00000000
82200002 80A4EDAC
86000002 00000001
84200002 80A4EDAC
E0000000 80008000
Classic Pad : ZL & Right

Clock/Timer Speed [Panda]
20A00440 00102000
04A765A8 00000A8C
E0000000 80008000
20A00440 00202000
04A765A8 0000000A
E0000000 80008000
20A00440 00802000
04A765A8 00000078
E0000000 80008000
20A00440 00402000
04A765A8 0000012C
E0000000 80008000
ZR & Up = 45 Minute Half (A8C)
ZR & Left = 2 Minute Half (78)
ZR & Right = 5 Minute Half (12C)
ZR & Down = 10 Second Half (A)
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