Gecko Codes [RO2E7N]

Ford Racing: Off Road - Gecko Codes [RO2E7N]

The following are known Gecko Codes for Ford Racing: Off Road on Nintendo Wii (Wii).
Unlock all Arcade Modes [TNTkryzt]
08DD60D4 00000001
200E0004 00000000

Buy to Increase Cash [TNTkryzt]
0411A064 7C63FA14

Easy Collect Task (Artifacts) [TNTkryzt]
04107304 809F0010
0410730C 909F000C

Start on Last Lap [TNTkryzt]
0412651C 38800003
04126524 98830173

Sky Cam [TNTkryzt]
040AE104 60000000
040AE108 3D604080
040AE114 916400D0

Turbo Tuned Engine [TNTkryzt]
077FB000 00000018
83560000 2C190000
4082000C 3D604200
917A0114 4A8B7E50
040B2E60 497481A0

Slow Opponents [TNTkryzt]
077FB018 00000018
80760000 2C190000
4182000C 3D603E80
91630114 4A8B7ED0
040B2EF8 49748120

Quick Opponents [TNTkryzt]
077FB018 00000018
80760000 2C190000
4182000C 3D604000
91630114 4A8B7ED0
040B2EF8 49748120
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