GameShark Codes [US]

Mario Golf - GameShark Codes [US]

The following are known GameShark Codes for Mario Golf on Nintendo 64 (N64).

Device Compatibility: Action Replay & GameShark

Please Note: You must have a version 2.41 or higher of the Game Shark to use these codes.

Enable Code (Must Be On)F10B1670 2400
Always Zero Strokes Taken P1801B71F3 0000
Max Birdie Badges P1800C545B 0063
Unlock All Characters50000E02 0001
810C28E4 0000
Unlock Luigi810C28E8 0004
Unlock Yoshi810C28F6 0005
Unlock Sonny810C28EA 0006
Unlock Wario810C28F8 0007
Unlock Harry810C28EC 0008
Unlock Mario810C28FA 0009
Unlock Bowser810C28F0 000C
Unlock Maple810C28EE 000A
Unlock Donkey Kong810C28FC 000B
Unlock Metal Mario810C28FE 000D
Unlock ??810C2900 000E
Unlock ??810C2902 000F
Unlock ??810C2904 0010
Unlock ??810C2906 0011
P1 Stats Modifier Codes
All Holes Strokes Taken Equal 050001202 0000
801B71FB 0000
1st Hole Strokes Taken Modifier801B71FB 00??
1st Hole Putts Taken Modifier801B71FC 00??
2nd Hole Strokes Taken Modifier801B71FD 00??
2nd Hole Putts Taken Modifier801B71FE 00??
3rd Hole Strokes Taken Modifier801B71FF 00??
3rd Hole Putts Taken Modifier801B7200 00??
4th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier801B7201 00??
4th Hole Putts Taken Modifier801B7202 00??
5th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier801B7203 00??
5th Hole Putts Taken Modifier801B7204 00??
6th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier801B7205 00??
6th Hole Putts Taken Modifier801B7206 00??
7th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier801B7207 00??
7th Hole Putts Taken Modifier801B7208 00??
8th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier801B7209 00??
8th Hole Putts Taken Modifier801B720A 00??
9th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier801B720B 00??
9th Hole Putts Taken Modifier801B720C 00??
10th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier801B720D 00??
10th Hole Putts Taken Modifier801B720E 00??
11th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier801B720F 00??
11th Hole Putts Taken Modifier801B7210 00??
12th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier801B7211 00??
12th Hole Putts Taken Modifier801B7212 00??
13th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier801B7213 00??
13th Hole Putts Taken Modifier801B7214 00??
14th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier801B7215 00??
14th Hole Putts Taken Modifier801B7216 00??
15th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier801B7217 00??
15th Hole Putts Taken Modifier801B7218 00??
16th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier801B7219 00??
16th Hole Putts Taken Modifier801B721A 00??
17th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier801B721B 00??
17th Hole Putts Taken Modifier801B721C 00??
18th Hole Strokes Taken Modifier801B721D 00??
18th Hole Putts Taken Modifier801B721E 00??
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